Spotted: Mommy Banger C-Milli And Precious Little Violet Arrive At The Telly In Beverly Hills

- By Bossip Staff

Aw those cheeks! We just wanna take a wittle bite… outta Milian’s cakes!

Mommy Banger Christina Milian checked into her Beverly Hills hotel with baby Violet in tow. How precious is that kid???

Mommy Milian looks banging even in her gym clothes… That physique is tiiiiiight! We still wanna slap The-Dream silly for fuggin’ it up with this one.

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  • alicekii85

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    • Greeneyez0712

      Is Christina still calling the paparazzi to snap her pic….cause who cares she is checking into a Hotel?!?!?!?

  • amberhoes

    bossip stays with da exclusive! NICKI MINAJ SEX TAPE LEAKED!! WWW.LOOT6.COM

    • shynehead

      Cute Kid…
      Mom is ok…
      Stubby little girl/woman with a huge(strategically omitted) birthmark all over her right leg.

      To call her a banger would be a disservice to all the dime sisters doing it big outside of the spotlight…

  • low self esteem hoe

    Her daughter is so not cute!!!!!! She got her ugly looks from her daddy!!!!!

    • STFU

      are u stupid??? her daughter is sooo cute..i will have loved 2 see u when u were a baby…fool

    • Diva

      Reak Talk …. she is not cute … yet

    • ha ha

      shrugs…she looks like a cute little kid to me. And on the real, Christina should dress down more, because her true beauty gets obscured when she wears weaves and too much makeup.

  • Naaa

    And this is coming from a “Low self esteem hoe”??? Smh

  • tommykimon

    Her daughter is so cute. I want to pinch her little chubby cheeks.




  • Teyana

    Lovin the shades

  • ReallyNotInterested

    I would agree that her baby is not cute. Baby look like a hobbit in the face.

  • if anything be noble

    Christina looks cute. LOVE the athletic gear!

  • ItsWhatever

    they both look purty…..but my girls are prettier.

    • keyzboston

      spoken like a true b!tch

  • thesaneone

    that baby is adorable!!!

  • Mariah

    She is cute she is starting to look like mommy

  • keyzboston

    my thoughts exactly!

  • jdmann

    That’s a beautiful little girl. She seems like she’s mature and wise beyond her age. like she’s seen a lot during her 6 months on this planet.

    • uhohitslelani

      “mature and wise” at 6 months???

      Sounds like your trying to make her an adult before she’s even a 1yr old. Slow your role.(a little suspect,if you ask me)

      It’s more like shes ALERT. As in shes aware of what’s going on.

  • Jenn

    I can’t believe some of y’all on here calling that baby ugly!

    R u serious??? She is gorgeous!

    Your own kids must look like rugrats.

  • Diva

    why does eveyone keep saying that baby is cute??? That baby looks like her father The Dream and he looks like a turd ! Hopefully as she gets older she will begin to look mor like her mother…. or we will have another case of Bobbi Kristina — Bobby Brown spit her out— ewwww

  • Allie

    Some of y’all are pretty pathetic, talking about somebody’s baby, if you don’t have anything nice to say about violet than don’t say anything at all

  • Diva

    Not all children are beautifl… sad to say

  • JaZzIe91

    Wow a lot of y’all on here are mean. I think that baby is beautiful. She looks like both Christina and The-Dream.

  • chrissy

    i love to pinch those chubby cheeks of hers awwwww


    WHAT A Chramine” BEAUTIFUL”‘MOTHER”‘A,REAL BEAUTIFUL:;PRINCESSS–rEMINES”,me’OF”‘A’FEELING i does;have”ever,time,i,seE a,beautiful lady!;S!EVEN MY dADDY SAY IT IS HAPPEN 2,HIM:;!-U,KNOW,SOMETIMES U SEE A BEAUTIFUL LADY:;AnD,ShE IS SO FINE “‘YA MOUTH”IS FREEZE!’CAUSE”‘YA DON,T KNOW WHAT 2,SAY AND U DON,T WANT,2,SAY,THE WRONG WORDS:;THAT WILL TURN THE LADY OFFor,,make:;u sound”‘foolish!”well i is freeze:;up..choke:;when ever i m lucky 2,be close enough 2,seak:;2, a beautifullady<< ,SO, WHENever beautiful lady:;is in my mids' !;;ALL I, COULD:;DO IS::SAY-hiii,,[HI]'and pretend not be, chckin:; her out:;when :;deep inside,i am goingcrazy"'over:;her and her beauti!''!…NO LIE EACH TIME SEE MS C,MILLIAN HERE AT THE HANG-OUT!''I IS BE SO FANSANATED"'BY HER BEAUTY"' I IIS BE IN SHOCK!;;..PLEASE FOR GIVE"'ME"'MS CHRISS MILLIAN!;;IS::TO ME ONE OF THE FINNEST"'LADS"'I HAVE EVENR SEE!''IN MY LIF!'''.. WITH RESPECT!''I WHISH! HERAND HER BABY"' ALL THE BEST ALWAYS'BEST "OFF EVERY TING!'',WHISHING!;;HAT THE LOVE SHE :;FALLS IN LOVE WITH OVER;;LOVES HER"!"' BACK"CAUSE"'SHE"'S"'A'"'SWEET LOOKING PIE!''MYIENDS:;AND I CALL BEAUTI LIKE HERES:,ONLY N,MY DREAM:;cause only in r dreams we would seem such a beauti!''HAPPY WEEKND WHISHES TO MS CHRIS MILLIAN AND HER BEAUTFUL DAUGHTER!''thanks FOR""reDIN!

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983...Loyal Bossip Participant Since: 2008

    Christina looks great!

    Eff the nightmare…you heard!!

  • Shelly

    Her little munchkin is so cute.

  • comeonnow

    i would bet the brakes off c-milli 4 real…comeonnow

  • Dizzy McElroy

    Love her.

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