We Might Have Cared More About The Royal Wedding If…

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Maybe you’ve heard about the wedding between Prince William and [former] commoner Kate Middleton? Maybe not. I kid! While millions of people got caught up in the planning, the dress and the actual ceremony others could absolutely care less, claiming they had no personal attachment to Kate or William and there are more pressing issues in our own country like astronomical gas prices, tornadoes in the south and umm…oh yeah… the economy. Whether you like to indulge in all things romantic and lovely *sprinkles fairy dust over your head* or you prefer to focus on your own life, check out some things that would make us all care a bit more about this little wedding…

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  • if anything be noble

    …he had married a Black girl. I would’ve been straight glued to my tv to see all her Black family there and the Queen pas$ing out talking about Lord, havest thou mercy. Um, what’s going on in that picture. Is she supposed to be down there?

    • Kim

      Lol! I was thinking the same thing…this picture looks pretty suggestive.

  • Shanice

    @if anything be noble Lol! Cosign! If that had happened the girl probably wouldn’t of made it to the wedding. The Queen would of done something.

    • kalifa

      yeah the same way they plotted & executed diana’s murder because she was preggers by dodi al fayed 😦

  • E.C. from D.C.

    This whole article was stupid. I still wouldn’t have cared if the Obamas came, if Diana were alive, whatever. I was bored with this wedding happening like a month ago. I thought it happened like a month ago until someone told me it hadn’t happened yet. The media coverage for all this time bored me to death.

  • WHY2K

    Funny Pic..

  • Kenedy

    lmao at the pic….His shlong can’t be that long….

  • if anything be noble

    @ Shanice, Mm hmm. That Queen is packin heat in all them hats and handbags, you can tell. Got on garter belt holsters and ammo bras. Poison tipped hatpins, razor blades all up through her gloves, talkin about There shant be any swirl up in the monarch except over mine deadeth body. #RIPpolittlemurkedblackgirl smh

    • speaking of this ish...

      lmfao at your comments..but I co-sign what your saying cause its so true..she probably turns her little monarch nose up at black coffee..and did anyone notice that the only black person was the little boy in the choir and their was one kid of asian descent..damn

  • jdmann

    It would have been more interesting if Keyshia Cole sung ‘Here comes the Bride’ a Soul Train line during the reception and a memorial for Nate Dogg.


  • Kenedy

    Plus, i don’t understand why people talk about, “he’s marrying a commoner”….If the only selection he had was from a royal blood line….he would be marrying his cousin or niece or something…not much of an option people.

  • Lacorsha

    He should of married a black woman. THAT would have certainly be the wedding of the century. Famous British royalty marrying a nubian princess. 🙂 That would certainly be a modern fairytale.

    • Lacorsha

      A girl can dream can’t she? Lol 🙂

  • B*tchie

    Maybe I would care if they were cutting my checks :/

  • hebrew92

    We don’t have to respond to this cursed cave monkey 😉 she does this to get notice. Poor thang 😦 Miss “I-Hate-Black-People-So-Much-That-I’ma-Comment-On-A-Black-Site-Cause-I-Really-Love-I-Mean-Hate-Blacks”) :/

  • Honut Sinti

    Given the devastation with the stateside tornados, it is a good thing the Obama’s did not attend this wedding as the right wing nuts would have had spasmic fits beyond the birth certificate non-issue.

  • Shannon


  • mike

    A royal blowjob


    ::coungrulation!”to the happy couple:;and long::live thre royal families!”world wide!”‘

  • Bey-nonsense

    The Royal Wedding synopsis:

    1. Kate’s dress was too plain- Should have at least had a known designer (like Galliano or Valentino)

    2. Bouquet was dreadful- she didn’t even carry roses

    3. She had no jewelry on (she should have worn some of the royal estate jewelry- at least a necklace)

    4. Prince William should have worn some more medals

    5. The mother of the bride and the Queen didn’t have on the same colors

    6. Hopefully they will make these changes for Prince Harry’s wedding

  • me

    its just two white ppl geting married…and then??!!!who caRES…NOT ME!!

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