Even David Letterman Can Tell Ol’ Toupe Face Trump Doesn’t Like Black People

- By Bossip Staff

Oh. For a second, we thought it was just us.

In a recent conversation with Dr. Phil, David Letterman said exactly what every Black celebrity other than Bill Cosby has probably refrained from saying out of fear of being accused of playing the race card.

Letterman was talking to guest Dr. Phil, who’s apparently friends with Trump, when he said this about Trump’s suggestion that President Obama somehow unfairly got into Harvard Law School:

“It’s all fun, it’s all a circus, it’s all a rodeo, until it starts to smack of racism. And then it’s no longer fun,” Letterman said.

“So you thought it was racism?” Dr. Phil asks.

“Well, yes,” Letterman replied. “Do you consider him to be a racist?”

“I do not,” Dr. Phil responded.

“How can you say things like that if you’re not a racist?” Letterman asked.

“I don’t think he always thinks everything through,” Dr. Phil said. “I think sometimes he’s a little from the hip, and I don’t think he has a racist bone in this body.”

Letterman added that if Trump comes on his show again, he “ought to be prepared to apologize.”

Damn, Toupe Face! Even your “friend” Dr. Phil can see how out of pocket you are!

We wonder what kind of damage control blitz his PR team will come up with once the craziness backfires all the way.


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  • leilani

    Um… when people say a black man was accepted only in an ivy league school because he was black, that’s stating, in a nutshell, that black men are not smart, which is a stupid ignorant stereotype… I really feel he thinks a black man isn’t smart enough to be the President of the U.S… that’s why he keeps being the ringleader in this weird circus.. but Trump makes himself look stupid when makes comments like that…..

    • staceyc

      What is of interest to me is how Black Entertainers respond to Trump’s invitation to appear on The Apprentice. Trump’s show ratings have begun to decline. Why not bury the show with an African American Boycott?

    • alicekii85

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    • ha ha

      I TOTALLY AGREE with Stacy. Jerry Seinfeld incurred his wrath by not appearing at his kid’s charity event (though he gave a handsome donation), but I think other Black entertainers should be mindful of what they do as well…instead of always chasing the check. i.e. Usher/beyonce et al performing for dictators.

      And btw-I’m neither a democrat or republican, but trump has gone BEYOND believability. Every Black person, regardless of politics, should be angry.

  • itsbrittneybitch

    Dr Phil always wants to call people out on his show but he won’t even call out his “friend”

  • Daisy Jay

    I’ve never really considered Trump “racist” only because I’ve never heard of him acting pissy over black people; this Obama thing is the first instance. His persistence makes me feel like his bull is racially motivated, so perhaps he is. But I would be even more sure if it’s a fact that he’s never had any problems with other previous presidents and/or has always had something dumb to say about blacks with some kind of social or political power.

  • http://smartmouth Dedra Taylor

    Trumps jealous because he went to Fordham…he couldn’t get in Harvard, even with his daddys money!

    • Choclitbella

      Enough said… LOVE IT!!!

  • MissPhyre

    If you ask me, this is all a big diversion to cover up the rising gas prices. They would rather you talk about non-substantive bs than to start asking questions about the gas prices. #imjussayin

    • Bee

      You’re about 4 yrs too late for that excuse.

  • if anything be noble

    Good for Letterman. Whitefolks don’t usually bring up racism to other whitefolks. That was bold. Especially in talking about someone in the industry.

    • JM@gic(Trini-americans Dont Coon out,leave it for the Afro-americans )

      The reason white people dont bring up racism is because they hate to acknowledge it,Letterman is a cool dude and he doesnt care what white people think…Leno on the other hand would just laugh the whole time

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983...Loyal Bossip Participant Since: 2008

    Trump is a mess all across the board. He probably is racist.

  • Jayla

    yes, this is B.S why are people not asking why gas is so dang high, in D.C its 5.00 dollars…..wtf

  • Ronny

    I think donald is trying too hard. He wants to replace palin as the controversial leftist

  • Ronny


  • Bopa

    On other sites you’ll see a lot of people saying “oh just because he questions Obama’s education and he just happens to be black doesn’t mean Trump is racist”. I work in a field where there aren’t a lot of black people. It’s not rare that I walk into a meeting and I’m the only black face there. Every meeting and event it never fails that I have to rattle off my resume, pedigree, and education to white people who are less qualified than me and in the same position. I often get random calls from white employees asking me how I got in my position. When I ask my white co-workers they say no one has ever done this to them. When I chose to give them my business I usually get an “oh” comment as if it’s rare for a black person to have an education and a long length of experience in the field they work.

    All I want to know is what makes Mr. Bankruptcy Trump think he has the right to question someone else’s education.

    • JM@gic(Trini-americans Dont Coon out,leave it for the Afro-americans )

      people questioned Bush’s education alot,well thats because he seems extremely retarded

    • God's_Angel

      @ Bopa
      Mr. Bankrupt Trump! I love it! LOL!

  • The truth

    The avg IQ of a black man in America is 85. The avg IQ of a white man is 103! Look it up, it’s a fact! Obama’s IQ comes from his white mother, not his black father.

    You can’t study to become a genuis. Intelect is what your born with. You blacks are at a disadvantage when it comes to intelligence.

    • Fabulous Me

      To whose standards? The BS that was made up by white folk?

    • Fabulous Me

      Besides,your stats are wrong, blacks just have not been given the equal opportunity because of being black.

    • http://sacbut38@aol.com tewbaguy

      You’re an idiot. Look up what? I.Q. tests that are judged by European standards? Go to an African country and see how smart you there. Even if what you’re saying is true, it still means nothing in this situation. Obama graduated from Harvard, which makes him at least smarter than you, so rather than spend your time trying to bring him down, try and figure out where you went wrong in your life, and how you never tried to get an education.

  • me

    @ Daisy Jay. Trump was sued by the government twice in the 70’s, after he took over his dad’s business, for refusing to rent to blacks. They would repeatedly say rentals were not available to quailfied blacks who came looking for housing, when the units were in fact open. They would also impose a diff rental lease, that did not comply with state law, to blkacks who did get rentals. In the hearings for this Trump said “the government is forcing me to rent to walefare families” He called blacks who qualified to rent, walefare families.Idk why cnn is not opening up that subject.

  • Tracy

    The truth, you sound so look a fool.

    • The truth

      The “truth” hurts doesn’t it. But it’s the truth! Black people have the lowest IQ’s not only in America, but in the entire world.

  • http://internetblog.pl/2011/04/29/david-letterman-says-donald-trumps-comments-about-president/ David Letterman Says Donald Trump's Comments About President … | Internet blog

    […] the article here: David Letterman Says Donald Trump's Comments About President … Bookmark to: This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged donald, donald-trump, letterman, […]

  • 7lady

    @truth It is possible those numbers are true, just based off genetics alone. I do believe some races are better at some things more than others. Just like asians are much smarter than whites…did you look that up too? But then I think mayb not really some things can be conditioned. Blacks were denied school, asians go to school earlier and all year long…i think this can have effect on IQ.

  • 7lady

    Also to add…black people dominate when it comes to sports. Let us try any of that sh*t…perfect it..and it’s a wrap…we trophy it. It’s just genetics. But do I think white men can’t jump? No. I think through conditioning more of you all can do it too. So yes…in the beginnining if someone had a disadvantage plus to boot low self esteem due to being told your dumb your going to hav a low IQ and this gets embedded for generations. I was the 1st person to graduate HS in my fam. Thats how oppressed my family was. But we definitely can learn.

    • The truth

      Blacks dominate track and field, and sports where speed and jumping are involved. But NOT when it comes to sports like power lifting or swimming. The strongest men in the world are white, along with the fastest swimmers.

      Blacks are born with a higher ratio of fast-twitch muscles compared to whites. That’s why a lot of blacks have trouble devolping big calve muscles. Whites have longer trunks and more powerful chests than blacks. Whites also have wider hip than blacks.

  • shanita102

    The truth…you get a big ol ‘ho sit down’ this glorious morning. And what were the criteria for taking these IQ tests? At what age, what gender, hmmm? This was a great discussion (troll free) and here u come…Of course white ppl would say some silly ish like that…they conducted the studies! Just like how the SATs can be biased…and thats a fact. Man y’all cheat and steal at every opportunity, and have the nerve to try to back it up wit some lame horse-sh!t excuse. if it weren’t for rulers, white men would have us thinkin that their lil pinky d!cks were an damn advantage…pppppsssshhhht!

    • olivia

      That was hilarious and so true ,I had to call a friend and share.I’ve never written anyone but you deserve mad props for getting to the point!We must keep the pressure up on the likes of Trump and his minions.

  • dee

    To the TRUTH, if blacks have a lower IQ, then why are there more whites on welfare? Now, google that. The white media has shackled and bamboozled your mind to believe blacks are inferior. What Trump and the rest of the Tea party are doing is ludicrous and utterly absurd. I wonder what they are going to say next…Oh yeah, the President smoked crack but he didn’t inhale. LOL

    • The truth

      I’m not sure if your low IQ can understand this, but whites make uo 67% of the population, compared to 13% of blacks. There are tens of millions of more white than blacks in America. That’s why there are more whites than blacks on welfare.

      Blacks are 4 1/2 times more likely to be on welfare compared to whites. Drive around and look at a black neighborhood, then drive around a white neighborhood. See the difference?

  • if anything be noble

    And while I say ‘good for Letterman’ for bringing this up, let me add David Letterman would NEVER, no NEVER, not in one million years have brought up the issue of racism if Celebrity Apprentice was on CBS. This was a strategic move to discredit Trump (and NBC by extension.) Whitefolk play this game to the nth degree. Letterman advanced Letterman and CBS and jabbed at Trump and NBC. He’s not defending Black people for the heck of it.

  • BlackFemaleNY

    Wow another white man who doesnt like black people, im shocked ….lol

    • The truth

      And what, blacks are not racist? Blacks are just as racist as whites. In fact, you blacks are more racist, cause you guys have “in house racist” which whites don’t.

  • LucasMcKenzie

    Pride cometh before a fall…

  • lil girl

    Donald Trump is a racist, all his actions lead me to believe that. I wonder did he ever question Bush’s education/qualifications. How come when a black man like Obama set the bar high for us blacks to follow, Trumps racist arse is saying the bar doesn’t belong there,and he (Obama) has no right to run this country. Sayin blacks have low I.Q is false, saying the only reason Obama is smart is from his mom side is false. All I know is Trump will never get the chance to run this country and that really itches his skin.

  • Madison

    We got the Damn Dr. Laura off the air. Let’s show Chump what we can do. Boycott donald Chump he is a racist. What college did he go to. Bush was a D Student and he was dumb as hell. Boycott Donald Chump let’s show his azz.

  • Say What???

    LOL >>> It’s so funny that the dumbest people always want to shout to everyone about how ” SMART THEY ARE!” , you must be trying to convince yourself! Because WE KNOW BETTER!…I think YOUR PALS OVER AT STORMFRONT.ORG ARE WAITING FOR YOU!! (Go CHAT with those IMBECILES)

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