Blowin’ Money Fast: Birdman Reportedly Buys $8 Million Maybach

- By Bossip Staff

Birdman may have just taken “his #1 stunna” status to a new level now that he’s rumored to have bought an $8 million Maybach.

The rapper who’s known for his penchant for luxury vehicles previously mentioned in an interview that he’d heard about the Maybach Exelero and “had to have it.”

Now it looks like the Cash Money head’s gotten his wish and is proudly showing off his new ride to the world.
Taking to his twitter account he tweeted with the following picture, “8million 0n a whip all red.blievetht.custom made.ymcmb”

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  • Ligali Oluwatobi Samson

    Birdman;U made it………………..

    • alicekii85

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    Man, you write a check and the bank will bounce.

  • thrillticket

    Wow that’s a slap in Drakes face. He bought that with blood on his hands. “dope man, dope man….yeah that’s him”. Could have fed a lot of starving people and saved a lot of foreclosed homes with that money. All of the toys in the world won’t make you look better nor will it buy you forgiveness into the pearly gates of heaven. Better start working on that Bozo.

    • JM@gic(Trini-americans Dont Coon out,leave it for the Afro-americans )

      Amazing how all his artist have financial problems,but he has money to buy a $8million dollar car,Juvenile,B.g,Mannie fresh,Turk,even Weezy been having financial problems but baby’s not

  • rrocky


  • derek.d

    I feel sorry for Baby. All that money and he still isn’t comfortable with himself. Only an insecure person brags about what they purchase. Which is why he’ll never be wealthy— too busy doin n*gga sh*t.

    8 million dollars.
    For 4 wheels & a gas tank.

    Meanwhile, Warren Buffet drives a $30,000 Ford that he paid for in cash. And he’s worth $47 BILLION dollars.

    My only wish is to be an accountant for one of these rappers… I’d bleed ’em like a stuck pig.


      ITA. I was just saying the same thing to a friend the other night.

  • DontBeScurred


  • $k8orDIE

    I would spend 8 mil on a crib EASILY, but a car THAT GOES DOWN IN VALUE EVERY SEC ITS OFF THE LOT IS CRAZY! I know he will get a lot of GROUPIE LOVE for that too so I AINT MAD AT CHA! btw WHY IS 8 MILLION IN THE SNOW? That car should not even be in that kind of weather plus you know them roads is horrible!

  • E.C. from D,C,

    That 8 million is the money he owes other people lol

    • YourDelusional01


  • Ayo

    Only a senseless and un educated man or a thief or a government official such as one of the african president whom has ripped his country off ( close ur eyes and pick one) or a well paid drug dealer will spend 8 million dollars on a car. Which one is the baby da birdman ? Pruuuuuuuuu

  • Ayo

    Baby, Hit them with tha maybach man, guaranteed to lean their man, wow, u the reason that the block Is baking. Plus some cash money who ain’t rich

  • leroygreen

    TURD MAN….This is your response to Jay Z’s “baby money” comment? This is exactly why you will always have “baby money” Too busy giving it away…The guy you paid 8 million dollars for the car spent 60,000 making it if that! Why don’t you grow up and be a man lil boy and your toys…Clown

  • Blowin' Money Fast: Birdman Reportedly Buys $8 Million Maybach (via | Gossip for the Hardcore | Entertainment News | Music | Fashion | Black Celebrity | Music | Videos | Love and Relationships) « I Don't Make The News

    […] Birdman may have just taken "his #1 stunna" status to a new level now that he's rumored to have bought an $8 million Maybach. The rapper who's known for his penchant for luxury vehicles previously mentioned in an interview that he'd heard about the Maybach Exelero and "had to have it." Now it looks like the Cash Money head's gotten his wish and is proudly showing off his new ride to the world. Taking to his twitter account he tweeted with the fol … Read More […]

  • Blessed Daughter

    Absolutely unreal…..I sometimes wonder why my heart is so different from these so called stars, because if I had that kind of money I’d be opening up schools, and providing employment for my people. I would find away to ensure that we all can prosper in a healthy way. Something is clearly wrong if one has to spend 8 million on a car. especially when you have so many to begin with….who is he trying to impress or compete with? Sad part is our people made him so rich like that.

  • clarissa

    The IRS will end up with it!

  • Samael

    It’s probably leased. He’d like you to think that it cost him that much. The lease is probably insane but I bet he didn’t fork out the money for that.

  • Oh Really

    But if he just bought that, why is there snow on the ground in the pic?

    • Tyler Perry

      because he’s a pathological liar and he knows deep south people will buy anything that comes out of his mouth.

  • 7lady

    @Blessed Daughter comeplety agree sis. Everything you said was my thoughts. I’ve always said if I had that kind of money I would help so many people. But I will say this…some of the good things that these wealthy people do don’t always make it to press. People love negativity they don’t want to hear the good. So its possible he’s giving lots of money to some sort of good. I just found out oprah gave money to one of the schools here in cleve oh…never read about it or saw it on the news.

  • Honut Sinti

    Where is Batman?

  • AfroGay

    Easy come, easy go. A fool and his money are soon parted.

  • keebler mf elf

    Dumb Knugga, and whoever supports him is also dumb! Put that money in your community dumb knugga!

  • for the people

    There is something really funny with this web site. I am starting to believe when people say it is ran by a racist group. On certain topics, my positive comments never gets posted. I came to this site because Marc Lamont Hill (who I love) has a link on his page, but I am questioning the integrity of this site.

  • for the people

    Hahaha…this site is funny, stupid black people…dumb ni.g.g.a…dumb monkey black women… (let’s see if this gets posted)

    Now to my real comment: It is not only the job of celebrities to help the poor and homeless…it is all of our jobs. If you waste money on maincures, pedicures, hair, the bar/club, and other non necessities…you are just as guilty as Birdman. It is not only the responsibility of the rich/celebrities. If a kid is hungry or a person is homeless…it is all of our jobs…we (humans) are a culture of excess and waste. We don’t care about the next person.

  • for the people

    Hahahaha…they will probably delete my comment above…funny…they will post my comment when I type rude comments…

    people there is something not right with this site…

    This is my 4th comment, let’s see if they delete…hahahaha…

  • Sean

    To u broke hatin guys on here.ITS HIS MONEY. Stop that,he could hav helped the foreclosed the govt is for that. If it makes him feel good more power to him. Y’all just hustle and get ur money proper and give it away to who u wish.

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