Man Dresses In Cow Costume, Steals 26 Gallons Of Milk From Grocery Store

- By Bossip Staff

A man dressed up in a cow suit and stole 26 gallons of milk from a Northern Virginia Wal-Mart according to local police.

The 18-year-old milk bandit apparently pilfered the milk from the Garrisonville Wal-Mart around 10:30pm, Tuesday (April 26), crawling as he exited the store, mimicking the movements of cattle.

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    • Farmer John

      I am utterly shocked

  • Jessica

    LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Apparently North Virginia doesn’t have a sense of humor

    • Got Milk?

      Yes, I do have milk

  • Taj

    LMAO!!!! Too funny!

  • if anything be noble

    (ok lemme highlight the troublesome parts) Recap: He came into the store dressed like A COW and nobody noticed this man stole TWENTY SIX GALLONS of milk as the man CRAWLED out the store.

  • jm@gic (Trini americans unite)

    Black people have become the Court Jestures of modern time

    • jm@gic is a punk

      @jm@gic-you’re a nothin but a punk, I bet you got your a s s kicked everyday

  • Iguessso

    I can’t

  • From Fl to Va Chick

    18yrs old??Somebody paid that simple minded dummy!

  • jodian

    eww,apparently cows don’t age very well…

  • Honut Sinti

    Ms. Elsie gonna be pissed!

  • Michael

    Instead of stealing 26 gallons if Milk from the grocery store, he should’ve stole a GYM MEMBERSHIP CARD from an unsuspecting gym rat,so he could get to the gym everyday and lose some weight,

    • Michael

      18 DAMN years old, don’t make no sense to look like that. Have some pride or self respect about yourself, SMH

  • nope

    This pic has been on the internet for many many years. I have seen it numerous time. I think they just used it for the visual effect.

  • punkmike

    Ain’t this that Ghanaian actor?damn this fool.choose a better costume next time.

  • xiomara


  • Jt

    This person is def not 18

  • bbeautifull

    Jesus tell me why thiz man dressed up like a cow to steal milk. Everybody knowz cowz produce milk. Type of reverse criminal psychology thiz man on.

  • ChocalateHoney

    *dies at the computer, flatline* Lmao OMG I can’t

  • mika30

    LMAO!!!!!!this damn fool got mental problems you can almost look at him and tell he’s not all together i can’t think of antone who needs that much milk

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