Paula Patton and her husband Robin Thicke take their baby son Alan for around the East Village, NYC

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  • lily lee-lai

    wtf……what is that Paula???? geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez

  • Estela

    That kid looks exactly like Robin’s mother. He also looks like the son of Boris Becker.

  • Tara

    The baby looks like Alan Thicke, Robin’s dad

  • Ms_504GV

    bwhaahahaha omg. no words.

  • Real TALK

    So will the child follow the one drop rule and say he’s black? What about Kendra’s baby Hank? Nicole Richie’s children? Just wondering…

  • jt

    he totally looks like grandpa! haha soo cute congrats!

  • kissofdanger

    Why one-drop people? Thats so insulting to blacks.

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