Which Of Will And Jada’s Babies Is Already A Millionaire?

- By Bossip Staff

Whether you believe Willow and Jaden Smith are talented or not, you have to deal with the fact that since being put on the Hollyweird stroll by their parentals, they’ve earned more than some of you have seen your whole adult life. But which of these two silver-spooned “prodigies” is already a bonafide millionaire?

Willow may have more star power, but according to TMZ Jaden’s definitely got money in the bank, thanks to Karate Kid.

TMZ obtained Jaden’s “KK” contract from June 2009 — back when he was only 10 — and according to the docs, his up-front fee was split into two installments … one for $900,000 and one for $100,000.

But Jaden’s back end deal was even more lucrative — since the film topped $150 million in the domestic box office, the young actor locked down another $2 million bonus.

But $3 million is the bare minimum — based on several additional in-contract perks AND the astronomical success of the film, Jaden likely pulled in even more.

Try not to look at your children sideways for not having that kind of earning potential.

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  • amberhoes

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    • kalifa

      cannot hate on will & jada’s parenting….they give their kids opportunities to succeed, thereby building confidence and wealth…..

      the kids seems to enjoy what they’re doing and they’ve already had more successes than most of us will ever have in our lives. 🙂

      i love to see black people win!!!

      f*ck a hater! 😦

  • alicekii85

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  • drizzy

    That’s a talented family. I know Will and Jada must be proud.

  • WithAllHonesty

    Talented parents and talented kids. Wish ’em the best.

  • Moe

    It must be nice!!!

  • Low self esteem hoe

    Terry was right! They r pimpin out their kids! Why do u want to do that to ur kids!!!! Let them be kids and let them go to school

    • http://BOSSIP I AM BLACK

      You and Terry should get together and drink rat poison with your hating azzes. They should send the kids to school so they can get good jobs in the future? GTFOH. They already have good jobs and they’ve clearly found what they love to do. You and Terry both wish you had that option for your dumb kids. HATERS!

    • JaZzIe91

      Well being that you grew up to be a low self esteemed hoe, school didn’t exactly do you any justice, huh?

  • Mizz teddy

    YaY *claps* NOW can they go to school? Look, i also think they’re talented but there’s a LOT of time to do all this fame stuff in the near future. A childhood only comes once and it’s a TERRIBLE thing to waste. Think i’m hatin? Just look at the previous child stars 😦

  • The Ugly Truth

    Beautiful Fam!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • smart move jada and will

    @low self esteem hoe
    And send them to public school that they can bullied, sign them up for free breakfast and lunch and ride them ride very unsafe public school bus. Stop hating because their parents can provide opportunities you and yours can never buy or imagine. Those children will be properly educated.

    • JaZzIe91

      #cosign I was gonna write the exact same thing.

  • #justsayin

    Illuminati affiliation pays off rather nicely, don’t you think?


  • SMH

    why is how much money OTHER people make so important to black people?

  • SMH

    personally, i could care less how much some spoiled rich kid is making. he’s not gonna pay my rent this month.

    • jm@gic (Trini americans unite)

      I figured it wasnt that many people that read this site,and you just proved it

    • ayo

      spoiled ??? danm what has he done 2 u now ? you don’t even know him. the kid is just a young multi talented kid, is that a sin nowadays ? does been talented and rich, along with rich parents makes u spoiled ??. Damn.

  • jm@gic (Trini americans unite)

    JEalousy and envy towards a 12 yr old

  • TheMan

    did someone say school, that lil negro just made 3 million dollars, isnt that why most go to school? im sure he has a tutor and will finish high school

  • for the people

    School does not teach you the things you really need to know in life. If I had to take a guess, 90% of the things I learned I will never need.

    Go Jaden, follow your path and don’t worry about people who tell say you should waste time following the traditional path.

  • Daisy Jay

    You guys, listen to yourselves.

    Sit and ponder this for a minute.

    If every parent forced their child to go to school, think about all the child stars that wouldn’t exist.

    I’m not saying education isn’t important, but it’s not the path for every child in this world. I’m sure Will and Jada have tutors for them. But right now, they have careers as child stars. And they’re not forced into it either. So just be happy for the family, please. You don’t see them on TMZ for some bull, do you?

  • SuqaSoSweet

    Wow I kno Will nd Jada is beyond proud of them both Follow me @ImaFckinProblem 🙂

  • Honut Sinti

    Fast forward 15 years. Hope all remains well.

  • Ti


  • http://www.myspace.com/_jtp jerzotheking

    That’s hot!

  • Ummm Errra

    I’m sure the kids are being home schooled. And they are doing what they love. Don’t see no wasting time here. What makes it better is that their “parents” are right their beside them they are not just sending out into the word for money hungry vultures to take advantage of.

  • Ummm Errra


  • levette

    That is great- a black successful couple raising black successful kids- YEAH!

  • Be Positive Sometimes, Damn


  • portrait of a LADY

    You are 1,000,000% right. Couldn’t have said it better myself

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