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These low-down, dirty, DOUCHEBAGS…

It’s one thing to disagree with his views, but to “mistakenly” use his name in a headline about a death is just cotdamn WRONG!!! Let it be known the the “s” and the “b” on the keyboard are nowhere NEAR each other, and to write “Obama Bin Laden Is Dead” is not just irresponsible, it’s hateful, anti-American, and damn near racist. Keep your BS apologies, and contrite verbiage, just do us all a favor and kill yourselves. Each and everyone of you bastards and BEEITCHES that endorse and support Faux News. We’ll be the ones poppin’ bottles of champagne at your funeral. Aim for the head, don’t leave a note.

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  • clarissa

    Your azz will be totally checking! Say good bye to your good paying job!

    • alicekii85

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  • sportstalk23

    They did that shyt on purpose they got shyted on at that dinner saturday night, and so did their boy Donald Chump, plus their other boy Georgie W didn’t get to claim this victory as his own, so Faux News has been salty for awhile lol

  • levonjaw

    Was this MSNBC or Fox? I heard MSNBC.

  • RogerThat

    LOL @ BOSSiIP getting mad like fox news is a respectable news station. LOL @ anti-american. it is not anti-american, it is anti-obama

    • #justsayin

      Obama is the President, so that makes it anti-american.


  • 7lady

    Unf*ckin believable! I swear racial tension feel so high to me. More than ever and I’ve been on this earth a little over 30yrs. I just feel it’s worse. I don’t recall the 80s and 90s feeling like this. People are getting a lot bolder with their antics. But if they feeln froggy come on and leap baby. I swear I love my people and umma be just like the broad on Dead Presidents…ready fo they azz. I wish we had that Black Panther mentality..thats when black folk loved one another. Lets get that back.

  • Toni

    They just MAD!!

  • LOL

    Faux news is a non mutha f*ckin factor anyway LOL

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  • Scatter

    You better believe that was done as some kind of subliminal message to hypnotize a gun toting hill billy.

  • uhohitslelani

    If we talked about that stuff ALL the time, this would be a boring life. Visit a news site,not an entertainment site.

  • Naaa

    Obama Kanye’d donald trump’s azz last nite…..!

    Uhhmm imma let u finish Trump but Osama……lol

  • robbie

    Fox news is republican.

  • levonjaw

    MSNBC put it on tweeted it. Since they included Bin Laden, is it possible that it was a typo. This is where WE lose our arguments – getting mad and discussing trivial BS. You have no proof. If you are going to be mad at Fox local news, then you need to be mad at MSNBC national news for the same reason.

  • levonjaw

    MSNBC outright said OBAMA. At least, Fox’s appears to to a typo. “Bin Laden” was also there.

  • BodaciousRum

    Ummmm First of all yall need to calm down, as if OBAMA is really doing something major in this country besides being our “first so called black president” and anti-american?? LOL fkn hypocrites wtf is a GOSSIP SITE?? that judges ppl personal lives and dilemmas?? Is that suppose to be all american?? LOL sit yall a**es down hell yall hate more on ur ppl then any other blog site. Yall aint no better then anybody else so plz shut da f**k up crying.


    LOL! Stop being so sensitive.

  • MacMoon

    Put a dicc in your jaw…

  • lily

    MSNBC was excited so they said Obama instead of Osama.but that is very understandable since president Obama & the administration is who got Osama bin laden. Now fox caught their mistake & ran with it. It’s obvious that they wanted it headlined. S & B are at two different locations on the keyboard. Fox are so hateful & racist towards the blacks”

  • lt

    not surprised by fox’s ignorance.

  • Youknowwhatittis (Formerly SMH)



  • BetaQueen

    Really tho? i’d really like to erase these Fox channels off of the face of the earth

  • Nikki_Wa

    I’m 99.9% SURE that this was NOT a mistake

  • Pat


  • Nikki

    So I guess all Fox workers are idiots…my tv said Usama all night…smh

  • Shauna

    they knew exactly what they were doing. this was no error at all they did it on purpose. Obama is the most direspected president in history and its a damn shame

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