Now That We’ve Got Bin Laden, Here Are 10 More Mysteries Obama Should Solve

- By Bossip Staff

The country is rejoicing! Finally, Osama Bin Laden has been caught and the world is a better place. Thanks, Barry. Now that you’ve gotten that out of the way, it’s time to focus on 10 other (less) important mysteries that we in the entertainment world need to know answers to. If you really want our vote, you’ll get to the bottom of these pressing issues.

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  • Naaa

    Yeah I wonna know if Jigga has a Son or not?

    • daresay

      Fvck that list!

      I want to know what Nana looks like. I want to see her in her lingerie.
      The C.I.A should work on that ASAP!

    • STFU

      yes he has a son by a trinidadian name Shenelle Scott, i know this cause her sister shanade scott went my school…imma trini myself

    • alicekii85

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    • Hollywood Surf

      Checkout the Stone & Digital Dave show. They give you the positives of Prez Obama and negatives and states why he is a lock for 2012.

  • E.C. from D.C.

    The only crap on here that’s even halfway important is the illuminati stuff and Outkast.

  • eygotitall

    #6 is the only one I care about let’s get football back. #9 I don’t think men really care she’s fun to look at, that one is more for women.

  • Juliemango

    Id like to kno more about what jayz knows2, jus for the sake of knowledge and understandin!!!

  • Tm30

    Biggie, Tupac? Really? It’s been like 15 years. I guess folks are still going to be talking about this in 30 years.

  • smiley223

    i KNEW they was gonna say who killed pac and biggie and the “secret society” well…..

  • Chloe

    and numero trois(3) too! “its in Pakistan” lol

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    This has to be one of the dumbest articles written on the entire blogosphere, hands down.

  • Honut Sinti

    Who gets the $25 mil reward for killing osama?

  • lunden

    Hilarious…I want Outkast to put out new music soooo badly! But their old label wont let them do anything with the name Outkast, because they own it. Hence, their are lots of recordings that they can’t even release. And they wont surrender to the man!

  • Naaa

    @Daresay check me out on twitter @Lace_5

    • daresay

      Awww….is that really you? You don’t look like you sound. You have a cute smile tho and nice fluffy hair. Next are the lingerie pictures. Are there any ways to see those?…lol

  • Truth

    We need proof of OBL death. I really think this is fake. Also they say DNA proves he’s dead. They could’ve had his DNA for many decades.

  • heliguy

    And how was the pyrimids were buildlt. lol

  • http://bossip Hannibals Dad

    L.A Police set up both Murders carried out by Bloods & Crips !

  • jodian

    “…and the world is a better place”

    Is this a joke?

  • Trublu

    While your at it, please find out who murdered
    JonBennett Ramsey, that sicko needs to be brought to justice, and what the hell really happened to Jimmy Hoffa!?

  • heliguy

    My bad BT.Im aware who built the pyramids,it just a mystery surrounding how.Just a little sarcasm on my part check out the history channel somtimes.Word 2 a brother.

  • geemoenettie

    The REAL mystery is why are so many rotund chicks wearing stretch leggings in PUBLIC!

  • Mynameis...

    Can he figure out how to lower the gas prices?

    • sha


  • lenabear123

    lets see



  • My2Cent

    Co-sign…that was a good picture of her.

  • My2Cent

    It seems Kim has the same problem Halle has…I wonder why?

    Thing is; there’s been so many d*cks up in that, I wonder if the coochie stank or if it’s still tight?

    I’ll never know…

  • blackscome1st

    The people we view as psychotic, might be normal in some kind of way but, their behaviors are not socially acceptable…Uhhmm, I wonder how do they see so-call normal people act? Nothing is normal.

  • Hollywood Surf

    Check out the Stone & Digital Dave show. They gave 5 reasons why he’s a lock to be re-elected!

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