Isn’t He Married??? Canada’s “Future Prime Minister” Caught Naked In Brothel With 5′ 10″ Asian Prostitute

- By Bossip Staff

Damn, we wonder how much 5’10” Asian hoes are going for these days….

Canada’s lacklustre federal election campaign has finally ignited after claims the man many tip to be the country’s next prime minister was found naked by police in a suspected illegal brothel. Jack Layton, the leader of the New Democratic Party (NDP), was discovered lying on a bed in a room with a 5ft 10in Asian woman in her mid-20s during a police search for underage prostitutes in 1996. The married Layton, who was a Toronto city councillor at the time, was cautioned and released without charge, a retired Asian crime unit officer told the Sun News Network.

Olivia Chow, Mr Layton’s wife and a New Democratic Party MP seeking re-election in Toronto, issued a statement saying Mr Layton told her about the incident at the time it happened. ‘No one was more surprised than my husband when the police informed him of allegations of potential wrongdoing at this establishment,’ Mrs Chow said. ‘Any insinuation of wrongdoing on the part of my husband is completely and utterly false.’ Mrs Chow described the business as a ’massage clinic’ that was registered with the City of Toronto.

The notebook of the officer who questioned Mr Layton details how the NDP leader was asked whether he received any services of a sexual nature, to which he replied: ‘No sir, I was just getting a shiatsu.’ The officer then asked Mr Layton if he knew that sex acts were being carried out in the building, to which he replied: ‘No sir.’ The policeman’s notes also detail how the woman, from China, denied carrying out a sex act on Mr Layton.

During an unscheduled press call in Vancouver Mr Layton claimed he was being smeared in the final hours of a campaign just as opinion polls have his party poised to make a historic breakthrough. ‘It’s unfortunate to see the smear campaign starting in these last few days of the campaign. Absolutely nothing wrong was done,’ he said. ‘There was no wrongdoing here, yet the smears start. And you know, this is why a lot of people get turned off politics and don’t even want to get involved.’
Mr Layton did not address the allegations specifically but a lawyer for the New Democratic Party issued a stern warning about the reports.

SMH. We don’t know about all that smear campaign ish, but one thing’s for sure…this dude definitely has a thang for Asian poo.


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  • if anything be noble/ I am fantastic

    This happened 15 years ago. I know yall can be late but —- dag. And what’s the significance of her being 5’10”?

  • Matix B

    LMBAO @The Harper Gov…..They are always making mountains out of mole hills. Besides the OPP is investigating the matter, as to how and why this info was leaked after so long and from a former officer. NDP all the way, already voted on last Monday in the advanced polls.


    I heard he was there doing research for his party….thinking about voting for him today if i don’t get lazy…

  • JustSaying

    5’10” Asian female? Bullshyt!

    That’s one of those Thailand Trannies. Look at “her” hands.

    • MizASterling

      Um, get it together, that’s his wife.

      Moving along. I don’t see how this is relevant, the Conservative party and Steven Harper are using disgusting tactics for this election, and quite frankly they are flailing because people are waking up to realize that they don’t have the taxpayers best interests in mind.

      What Jack Layton did or did not do in 1996 really should have no bearing on his ability to run a government, and though it is “taboo” how many mistakes can a person make in 15 years? I defy Harper to throw the first stone in that regard.

      Any way, vote NDP and let’s see some change.

  • clarissa


  • neenee

    Go out & vote today!! All my fellow Canucks.

  • amy

    Please, this is Harper’s last attempt to get people to vote for him and his GW Bush government. Too bad that the Canadians are sick of losing all their benefits, security and want someone new to take over!


    That’s a man!!!!! Lolz. Look at it’s hands…..eeeewwwww!

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