Are You Feelin Tasia’s New Wig Piece???

- By Bossip Staff

Fantasia sported a new ‘do and a silky leopard romper this weekend at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival.

What do y’all think…is this a good look for your girl Fanny???

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  • bri

    No. Doesn’t flatter her at all she looks like a 90s hoodrat.the outfit everything :/

    • "I don't like to gossip", " So I'm only gonna say this once"

      Oh snap, I just remembered. I gotta return that “Alien vs. Predator” tape back to NetFlix. Thanks Fantasia!

    • rhiannajz

      In the words of “Madea” This girl looks Ghetto as Hell.

    • alicekii85

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  • Guest 18

    There is nothing good about this look. Terrible, multicolored wig/weave, overweight body, ill-flattering jumper, Fanny’s open mouth. She just can’t win.

    • CAN AM

      Cot damn I’m glad you said it all!! LOL

    • Johnny'sgirl

      You pretty much covered it, but you left out her nails.

  • Hater

    She fits in with the Braxtons wig collection!

  • jm@gic (Trini americans unite)

    What is wrong with this chick,does she not have a mirror or is it a carnival FUn mirror

  • michelle

    i don’t want to put another black woman down, but come on fanny? you already saying that nobody take you seriously because you are darker then the other singers, but you go ahead and dress this way? Present yourself better so you can be taken seriously.

    • vava

      And she must close her mouth while she’s at it



  • iwannabemsharrisonsobad

    I love Fantasia she’s such a pretty. Black la but i dnt lik the hair at all.

  • (_Jasmine_)

    I have to say no bueno at all… OMG…No way…

  • DeepThinker

    Another opportunity for insecure people on here to bash her skintone. However, she should fire her stylist and get some real friends that will tell her the truth.
    Hair does not flatter her skin tone. Clothes do not fit her body type. Needs a personal trainer and image consultant. It’s sad because I think she has potential to look so much better. This chick is clueless to know who she is.

  • YupYup

    I was at the fest and saw her, it actually looked nice on her.

  • kmr

    Hell naw.

  • why

    You guys couldn’t find a picture with her mouth closed……… another day for bashing black women with darkskin I see..losers

  • ChynaDoll

    It needs to be against the law to wear two-tone weaves and wigs. The look is tragic

  • ?

    fantasia is aways potographed with her mouth wide open. She hardly ever looks decent. always wearing clothes taht are down right ugly and she needs a stylist I do not beleieve she has one because no one would let their client go out in public dressed like that. Her hair is so busted.

  • ?

    She is always screaming DANG!! LOL! What is she doing auditioning for a tarzan move or something. LOL!!

    • Awilli

      Good one!!

  • CAN AM

    An established stylist could change her entire look from zero to hero.

  • AlishatheScholarandPhilos

    yes she has gained some weight, and yes she tries way too hard with the weave and outfits,,,her dark skin is all the outfit she needs really, she should wear her color proudly and keep it simple with the fashion. she should sport a natural and opt for light and bright colors.

  • PalestLatina

    Barrino the Dominican gorilla.
    Barrino the Dominican gorilla.
    Barrino the Dominican gorilla.
    Barrino the Dominican gorill.
    Barrino the Dominican gorilla.
    Barrino is a Dominican gorilla and looks like the twin of Lala Vasquez the Puerto gorilla.

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    She looks a mess from her hair down to her fit,just terrible!
    Since she gained a significant amount of weight,she should wear clothes that flatter her body.


    would it kill this b*tch to invest in a stylist, some matte foundation & a proper stage waredrobe? *eyeroll* 😦

  • Ryda4life

    One phrase, Ghetto Fab!!!


    Barrino, Saldana, Vasquez are three of the ugliest island BLACKIES in the world. They should get together and form a Gorilla law firm: BARRINO, SALDANA & VASQUEZ.

    • MyReason

      She’s from North Carolina. Everybody with a “Spanish” sounding last name isn’t Latina.

    • chica

      @Bianca, I feel sorry that you hate your African DNA so much. Most people from the Caribbean Islands have at least more than a drop of it swirling through their veins, and you probaly do too! Such a shame, and what a pity (for sure)! Poor thing, what’s a seriously deluded gurl like yourself gonna do now? Prayer, anyone?

  • nicky

    she look pregnant

  • Dilla

    Either Fanny Mae is running out of money or she just doesn’t have her God given sense. Who looks in the mirror and thinks it’s o.k to come outside like that?

  • HA -HA

    You can take the girl out the ghetto…………….(Please complete)

    • HotMess

      But can’t take the ghetto out of the girl!!! ha lol

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