Ho Sit Down! Jennifer Lopez 1st Hubby Files Lawsuit Over New Record!

- By Bossip Staff

I bet you think this song is about you…

J. Ho’s first hubby Ojani Noa tries to suck from the t*t of her recent success, by filing a lawsuit, over her latest single “One Love.”

“Noa was J.Lo’s first husband, and his business partner, Ed Meyer exclusively tells RadarOnline.com: “J.Lo’s new album Love?, out on Tuesday, contains the song “One Love,” which violates the agreements between Ojani Noa and J.Lo. I have a conference with the attorney for J.Lo’s partners in the publishing rights for this song on Monday, as we will be adding the dispute over “One Love” to the lawsuits… Any negative reference to Ojani Noa is prohibited by contract, and J.Lo would be in breach to Ojani Noa. Ojani Noa will be bringing a separate civil action over the song, as soon as the album is released, so as to avoid prior restraint, which we are accusing JLo of in our case.”

Noa’s girlfriend and business associate, Claudia Vazquez will be in a Los Angeles courtroom on Monday morning in her lawsuit against the Jenny From The Block singer. Vazquez is trying to get a judge to allow her to release Noa’s home videos that Noa took of Lopez when the former couple were married. Noa and Meyer have been trying for several years to release their DVD movie, Jennifer Lopez Home Video Collection, and haven’t been successful because of an agreement Noa had signed during the divorce proceedings when his marriage to Lopez was ending.

Ojani’s camp is hoping that a Los Angeles judge will rule that Vazquez will be allowed to release the J.Lo DVD. After the hearing is over, Noa will elaborate on his plans about the new lawsuit he is planning on filing against his ex-wife.

SMH!! No word has come from the Lopez camp, but we seriously doubt she’s wasting any time worrying about her past when her present is looking so bright. Word to Ojani Noa and his new broad — get jobs and stop trying to ride ex-wife’s coattails!

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  • Naaa

    Get that money Ojani…! Why not? He was about 2 release a book and Jennifer shut that sh!t down so why can’t he sue too?

  • clarissa

    Well we know her current punk pimp azz hubby ain’t going say shittz or hit nobody but her 😦

  • E.C. from D.C.

    meh ….

  • Trina

    Please dude let go and find a career.

  • isaywutuscared2

    The judge needs to come off the bench and slap him and his bytch. She doesn’t mention his name and if he wouldn’t have putted this stunt nobody would even have remembered he was married to Jlo. She’s singing about ppl she loved, he married her durin her SUPA #oe years to make ppl think she was a wholesome girl.

  • L

    I wouldn’t underestimate Marc Anthony’s little skinny self…he has that, “I’ll f u up look,” to his eyes…

  • Dadon

    Really who the heck plans to profit from her boyfriends ex-wife. They make seone for everyone , to bad j-lo had him before he founf someone on his level of loser.

  • Redbonelicious

    Dang hes still on it after all these years. They both need to get a life smh @ his gf too

  • ReRe

    Is it just me or does he look like a puerto rican planet of the apes in that pic with the long hair?

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