True Or False: T.I.’s Grand Hustle Imprint Couldn’t Survive His Perpetual Incarceration

- By Bossip Staff

Between the fact that Young L.A. lost his damn mind and that their Atlanta office recently shut it’s doors, rumors have been floating around that Grand Hustle Records was a wrap.

T.I.’s business partner Jason Geter (the one leaning on the Bentley above) addressed the chatter late last week explaining that yes, money did slow up, but that didn’t mean that that Grand Hustle team of kings was stopping their attempts to get rich.

“Number one, Grand Hustle is definitely not dismantled, we unfortunately did downsize [on staff] and relocate. We’re doing business, just in a lighter way. A smarter way, due to our current situation,” says Geter.

“We don’t have much business to do, not much going on, why pay people when unfortunately there’s not much going on?” he continued. “Same thing that the major labels are doing, it’s no different. Supply and demand, at the end of the day. It’s just the way of the business.”

It’s been tough past few months for the Atlanta-based record label, and Geter isn’t denying it, “It’s no secret we’ve taken hits, back to back, with Tip’s absence [serving out his prison term].” Downsizing and relocating was the best move, he said, and one that was discussed with T.I. “We’re partners, we talk about everything, no matter if he’s in or he’s out. It’s Grand Hustle, so we communicate with one another.”

SMH. We bet “The Inmate” is feeling really wack right now for affecting so many people’s livelihood over some bullsh*t.


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  • jag

    What do he expect the business can’t run itself… TI is an embarra.ssment talkin all that meSs about being a changed man, the loked up again five minutes later. Great ex@mple of a man for his countless kids

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  • jag

    *then locked

  • Naaa

    Yeah he has Countless kids but I didnt read anywhere he ASKED for YOUR HELP 2 look after them @jag….!

    Now let’s talk about YOUR kids! Where are they azzhole? GTFOH

  • Low self esteem hoe

    T I has plenty of money and many connections… When he comes out he can easily sign with some top ppl like roc nation or something like that! He has many options with his career bcuz he us respected as a southern artist! He is safe!

  • jag

    What!? I didn’t say he did… WTF are u talkin about? Go take your meds

  • JM@gic(Trini Americans Unite)

    WTF is suppose to happen when the CEO would rather be in Prison then at the studio making money,that nino brown method of running shyt from prison is dead

  • Dadon

    Of course. He has a wife who aint no looker but knows his business. Tiny will hold it down while hes gone.

  • smdh

    Dreama, they both had X pills on them you dumb hoe. T.I. had a pill in his damn he failed his damn drug test. and T.I. didn’t want her doing the show anymore because he likes his business private..u sound like a hater!

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