For Discussion: Men, Would You Ever Take Your Wife’s Last Name???

- By Bossip Staff

What part of the game is THIS?!?!?!

According to TMZ reports:

It’s the name that once made millions of middle-aged soap opera fans weak in the knees … but it will soon be gone forever — because TMZ has learned, Lorenzo Lamas is taking his new wife’s last name.

Lorenzo wed Shawna Craig this weekend in Mexico — and his rep tells us, Lorenzo wants “to start over fresh” from all his previous marriages and divorces (four of ’em) … and desperately wants a change.

So, Lorenzo is going to reverse the tradition and take her name … making him Lorenzo Craig.

Doesn’t really have the same ring to it.

We know the world is all progressive now, but this sounds like some ol’ sucka sh*t.

Fellas, would you ever, under any circumstance, take your wifes last name????

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  • Ryda4life

    Why even get married? This is society again rewriting what is already written. I’m an Alpha male . I will never take a womans last name it’s just not happening. Period! This is about legacy…..

  • Tm30

    Well when you have 4 or 5 ex-wives out there that still most likely have your name, why not try something different? Plus, doesn’t he have an ex-wive named Shauna or something like that? Wow, no wonder they chose to take her name.

  • who really cares?!

    Jack White from the White Stripes, took Meg Whites’ last name when they were married. Even though they divorced, he still legally goes by the name Jack White.

  • Greeneyez0712

    Whooopah!!!! Whoooped!!!! Im female and a man taking my last name….I got him all up in this….Ting!!!!! LOL

  • sha

    Sound like a brotha’s name. lol

    Uh Lorenzo, face-lift much?

  • LOVE

    Didnt Jay take Bey Bey last name??

    • I guess...

      and they’re whack. Just because those fools considered/did it (idk and idc) doesn’t make it the standard. Try looking at a couple that have actually been a couple for at least a decade to be the standard and not one that barely has 3 years in the game.

  • WithAllHonesty

    Uh no…

  • Guest 18

    I would never take a man’s last name no matter how much I loved him. However, it’s a personal choice. If Lorenzo wants to take his wife’s last name, more power to him!

  • ReallynotInterested

    What type of backwards mess is this? She needs to take her husbands last name.

    • Tm30

      In this case I agree with her for not taking his name. His recent ex wife had that name except her first name was spelled with a u instead of a w.


    Why is tradition always being tampered with,and the ones that tamper with it are always surprised with the results?Nonsense!?A woman takes the last name of her husband and the children take his last name also.Its called LEGACY..

    • CAT EYES

      I support it because I’ve had my husband’s last name for the past 25 years(26 in August) and there has never been a question of ownership between us.He’s my husband,why would I not want to carry his name?If that makes me his property so be it.What works for me may not work for you.

  • G.M.

    marriage no longer has traditions other than the tradition of “PAY UP”, its just make it whatever the fucc u want and look surprised when the sh1t fail…marriage is just like religion now, change the meaning & interpret it to favor whatever u want it to…if u have to change sh1t about somethin, that means u dont like it and if u dont like it, just dont do it smh

  • Hannibal


  • bbeautifull

    no wtf. who doez that (besidez thiz man ofcourse)?
    yeah i know marriage isn’t az big of a deal today than it waz 100 yearz yearz ago but if u gonna do it then do it right. but to each they own!

  • Michael


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