Kush Chronic-les: One-Time Seizes Over 1,000 Pot Plants But Get Caught Slippin’ By Thieves

- By Bossip Staff

This sounds like a Guy Ritchie movie waiting to happen. Some British cops got caught slippin’ after making a HUGE marijuana bust in South Wales. But as they guarded the front of the weed factory, thieves drove around back and made off with thousands of pounds worth of bud.

The South Wales Police stumbled onto a former nightclub where they discovered some £300,000 worth of maryjane, as they posed for photos with some of the 1,000 plants in the haul, thieves broke in the back and started stuffing the plants into a waiting van. A neighbor spotted them and alerted the police, but by then, an estimated £15,000 of cannabis plants had been stolen.

An insider at South Wales Police said:

‘There are a few red faces around.

‘Everyone was chuffed with busting the huge factory and there was a blaze of publicity about it.

‘There was such a lot of cannabis inside we had to bring in council experts to dispose of it.

‘While we were waiting for that to happen, the thieves broke in through the back.’

The grow farm was discovered in a former nightclub at Merthyr Tydfil after officers investigating an unrelated case nearby smelled the drugs and followed the scent. After breaking into the building they found more than 1,000 plants growing thanks to a hydroponic lighting and irrigation system.

Because of the size of the take, council waste experts were called in to dispose of the plants and two Police Community Support Officers were told to keep watch at the front of the building while they waited for their arrival.

Yesterday South Wales Police said it had started an internal investigation into the matter to check whether ‘scene preservation protocols’ were followed.

The insider added:

‘There should have been a team of officers tasked to guard the building’s front and back until the cannabis was cleared out of there.’

Police have not released the names of the suspects, four Vietnamese men, aged 26 to 48, who are currently in custody charged with jointly producing cannabis.

SMH… Can you imagine? 1,000 weed plants? The cops probably caught a contact just from the smell!


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  • Celeste

    They have given the marijuana a value…hundreds of thousands of dollars…all gone down the drain…and I thought only the American government was stupid enough to burn money. That weed could make paper…literal and figurative.

  • shehiplocki

    …lol yeah that was funny…somebody got paid to look the other way…nice plants …

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