Star Kids: Celebrities Who Love The Hell Out Their Moms

- By Bossip Staff

Mother’s Day is nigh! It’s time to take a moment and give that special lady in your hearts some gifts and show that you love her. You won’t be the only ones. Here are 10 celebrities that will surely be doing something special for their mothers this Sunday.

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  • df

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    • Ariona Taylor

      Yeah we all love our mothers. A few men loved mine, that’s why we’re getting a DNA now! Check out

  • lenabear123

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  • Itsbrittneybitch

    These advertisements are annoying.

  • Jazz

    How Could Diddy Not be On This List????
    That Woman Is Everywhere With Him.

  • Candy

    What happen to P. Diddy

  • Daisy Jay

    Yeah I automatically think of Kanye. Beyonce and her mother are twins.

    *cough* I’d add the Jackson brothers to that list. They always have and always will suffocate her. They’re just like a bunch of little kids when it comes to Katherine smh.

    Anywho, dumb post. Who doesn’t love their mother? Only Lord knows how much I do – even when she gets on my last nerve. I swear on my life, I’d be psychologically messed up for life the day I lose her.

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    […] 7 […]

  • Ashleyyyyy

    JIM JONES????! I know y’all see how they are on Love and Hip Hop

  • really?

    Which lady is JayZ’s mother?

  • really?

    Parents of Willow Smith:

    Just why?

  • ~ChynaPeach~

    This is such a dumb post. Most celebs love their moms. Most people in general love their moms.

  • kennedy

    Where’s Ashanti? her and her mother are like glue.

  • Lisa

    Where is the Jackson family? Michael was crazy about Katherine.

    I’m sorry if this come out the wrong way, but why the hell are the Kardashians on here? This is a Black entertainment site and just because the sisters are/were involved with Black men doesn’t make them relevant.

  • hopi

    lebron’s mom is mad racist….

  • uku

    lol…jada does look like she was a belt mom to them…i do agree these kids need that sometimes…go jada

  • Karmal

    Chris’ mother is such a sweetheart 🙂

  • Dude

    Allen Iverson and Ray Allen.

  • Erika

    Diddy’s mom?? and Ray Allen’s mom???…come on man!!!

  • bbeautifull

    motherz day iz the hardest for me. my mother died suddenly almost 6 yearz ago and iz still more painful than the worst physical pain that could ever be felt. she waz wonderful.. alwayz love ur mom and show it.

  • STAR


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