Where Is Johnny Gill?? Eddie Murphy Spotted Out On A Date Rockin A Lil Muscle Shirt With A Pretty Young Thang

- By Bossip Staff

Eddie Murphy (who was just outed recently for participating in tranny lovin’) was spotted walking arm-in-arm while getting coffee with a cute lil thang who looks about the same age as his daughter Bria.

No comment on the muscle shirt…

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  • lenabear123

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  • Phatphat

    Lol johnny gill!

  • bossipsucs

    he tryin to show hes straight after that tranny book came out

  • Mrs. Rance

    Outted recently? That tranny incident happened in the 90s. He been out. Anyway she is a pretty housewife looking chick. I thought he liked em more glam.

  • Life

    She is too young for him and lastly he dates too too many women a good SIGN he struggle with being gay.

  • Tameka

    she is pretty!

  • CUT the BULLSH!T

    LOL….do you think she’d be on Eddie’s arm if he wasn’t who he is?

  • Keep it Real

    Yes, he’s with a youg woman. Did you expect him to be with a 50+ year old woman his age? A SMART beautiful woman with COMMONSENSE understands that the best time to get a man is when you have the most men interested ie (more choices and options) Which is when she’s in her early to late twenties. It goes down hill from there until her availability of options and choices of men takes a steep nose dive over a cliff to slim to none. That drop normally takes place for black women somewhere around the age of 32 to 37. Many then become angry and bitter.

    Whose fault is it that when you were young and beautiful you wanted to lay with players and wannabe dime store gangsters who had neither the desire, capability nor the capacity to be a husband and involved father?

    • Cris

      Tyler Perry u STUPID!!!! thanks for my morning chuckle

    • LolaWantsLola

      Im 27 and Im definitely gonna take your advice. Im still single and tired of UNNATRACTIVE older men hitting on me. I need to have more of an open mind when dating especially now.

    • tyrone

      co-sign 100%

  • noble

    She is beautiful

  • wow

    Tyler Perry 5/4/11, 09:59:AM
    You are so crazy!!!

  • Uhh yeah ok

    She looks Eritrean or Ethiopian ❤ hehe Pretty!

  • ProudLatina

    She’s Exotic & Beautiful. I hope she knows what she is doing.

  • Daisy Jay

    I really like Eddie and I’m sorta in denial about him being “gay”. Argh I won’t believe it! Never!

    But she’s pretty definitely. But she SERIOUSLY reminds me of Maliah Michel/Laila Ali…

    • MyReason

      Hey Daisy, I forgot to tell you that at the end of Delirious on wax, Eddie recorded a song called “In Ya Butt”. Its a whole song about sticking things in your butt. It’s hilarious, but after you think about it, not really!!! LMAO and that was in 1984!

    • Daisy Jay

      LMAO!!! And I remember from Delirious when he was talking about sticking that GI Joe action figure up his butt smh. Even THAT is making me suspicious now! Geez, I still don’t wanna believe it! What do you do when you want to stick by a certain thing, but all the evidence that proves otherwise is right in your face? *buries face in hands, smh*

  • ItsWhatever

    she’s a pretty beard!

  • CJPMoore9703

    What is Eddie Murphy doing in that last picture??

  • Reggie hammond

    jus so y’all know…she’s takin me to meet her buff cuzin Darius so I can teach him the banana in the tailpipe trick

  • Me

    She’s pretty. I find it disturbing to be with someone who could be your parent/child. But, lots of people do it.

  • reggie hammond

    she’s takin me to meet her buff cuzin Darius

  • Did I say that

    She is former Miss D.C. USA. Her name is Candace Allen. She is about 26-27.

  • Daylite

    Someone is having a mid-life crisis I see!

    Sidenote: She is very pretty in a natural way.

  • abraham

    That girl is Candace Allen, former Miss DC

  • Did I say that

    I know Candace. Damn!!! I can’t believe she went out like this.

    I’m not saying that Eddie is gay. But, he is definitely feminine.

    • abraham

      candace getting coffee with him definitely does not qualify as “she went out like this”, so chill.

  • http://www.bossip.com 5150

    Pssh,j.g. is @ the house waiting for his boo

  • Loli

    I don’t understand how his ugly a** keeps on getting women…..I just don’t see it and from the drama he has had…..why would anyone want to get with that? I really don’t get it and absolutely not trying to hate here.

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