Red-Head Rapunzel-ed Out Rih Rih Seen Stuntin And Struttin In NYC

- By Bossip Staff

Are y’all feelin Rihanna’s long red rapunzelesque wig piece?? The Bajan banger was seen on the scene in New York City yesterday after dining at Phillipe Chow.

More shots down yonder:

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  • Shanice

    Can’t wait till she takes that thing off so it can burn in the deepest pits of hell.

    • Jenn

      LMAO!!!! :)))

  • lenabear123

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  • kerrysweetgal

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  • cmp2010


  • slimpickens

    Celebrity or not,any person should be able to wear whatever they are comfortable in. Nothing this young lady has on is offensive. Let her be! While I am not a fan of hers, I believe she is young, and gifted let her experiment with her styles and keep the hating to yourself,

  • baje

    @Tami Lane. Is she not human? She may be a celebrity but she is still a human being and she can dress however she wants too. Its ppl like yall that put celebs on this pedestal and expect wayyyyyy too much from them.

  • Naaa

    She looks worn out and tired! There’s nothing cute about this chic anymore!

  • Truth be Told

    she looks rich…
    only good thing i could say. Seen her look better

  • Sapphire

    Rihanna hasn’t made anyone’s best dressed or most fashionable icon list in a long time – since the donning of that hideous red weave – you’d think her ‘team’ would understand how its undermined her natural beauty from day one. She needs a caring soul to step in and do right by her.

  • Fab.

    meh. the red is cute at times but she just looks like that thing off “Nightmare Before Christmas” right here

  • Intelligent & Sexy

    @ Rai
    wow. If someone has an opinion about Rih, you flip out. Why you so angry this am? lol. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Especially if youre a celebrity. Get real.

  • Daisy Jay

    Something is seriously wrong with her. She has never stuck with a hairstyle – or should I say color – for this long. She looks like she should have her head in Lucifer’s “lap”.

    God don’t like ugly and I can feel Him giving this chick the holy SIDE-EYE.

    • gee

      And while u on the bible ish, God also dont judge others. he welcome the rich, poor and destitute. He allowed Mary Magdalene , a prostitute to wash his feet. Stop reading quoting the parts of the bible to substantiate ur hateful agenda.

    • amaya

      I think God giving you the side eye for calling his holy name in this type of nonsense.

    • Daisy Jay


      I don’t quote the Bible, thank you very much.

      I’m not judging her. I’m telling what I see. If you don’t like it, too bad. I used to like Rihanna, but she has been acting VERY strange to me, in ways I didn’t like. She lost me. And it’s apparent that she’s not the same person she used to be. You really think people dislike her for no reason? She’s no saint. As a person, I’m sure she’s okay – she seems nice – but she’s portraying herself in rather “demonic” ways.

      You must be a stan, huh.

  • smart24yroldblackchick

    Rihanna looks BEST with short black hair and nice highlights

  • Roxyy

    She looks like a barbie doll. Some of the photos looks like she’s posing for the wax museum.

  • Intelligent & Sexy

    @ daisyjay, agreed. @Rai only wants attention. You can tell what part of town she lives in by her choice words..

    • Daisy Jay

      You find the craziest people on this site…….. ๐Ÿ™„

    • Daisy Jay

      I may be a regular, but I definitely don’t come on here as much. Don’t get pissy because we both called you out.

      Yep, go back to your job and try to pick your face up off the floor. Good day!

  • Just Bored

    I can’t believe I’m saying this but yes, I luv the color. It looks good on her.

  • really?

    I’d like the Cousin It in Cherry please.

  • Follow mee on twitter @iCandi001

    Rihanna needs ta lose thiss red weave. Makes her look likee a witch. She was much flatterinq with thee black hair.


    Rihanna PLEASE!! Take that doll baby hair and burn it asap. She talke about living on the edge but seems like to me she fell over. I mean that red flaming hair and those green contacts looks horrible

  • NYC Gal

    RiRi do your thang gal. I love the Rapunzel hair.

  • Felicia

    Don’t you people get it? Rihanna could give two f*cks whether you like her hair or hair color. She likes it and that is all that matters, so happy that she does not conform to you idiots. I’m so glad that it aggitates you idiots, hope she keeps it on forever.

    • Daisy Jay

      We know that. But we’re gonna keep blogging anyway. Don’t like it, WE don’t care! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • stfu

      Daisy- joker, you must be very young and presssed, Why do you feel the need to respond to every comment.
      Have you taken over fron bluekid and glok. I guess the reccesion and high unemployment is real .

  • RAI

    Typical hood rat angry, response, wouldnt expect anything different from your type. And baby shamu if that is ur face pic, lets get it right, u r big fat and and I will now add ugly. toodles.

  • Bad Jamaican Gal

    Rihanna is a stunning girl. She has such a lovely complexion and pretty eyes. Very lucky girl.

  • ll

    This “look” is just not working. What is up with her people.

  • deadlywoman

    Dare I say it? lol I love this hair color on her, She’s gorge but it’s too long tho.

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