Stashin: Osama bin Laden Had Cash And Phone Numbers Sewn In His Clothes When He Was Murked

- By Bossip Staff

Looks like someone was preparing to get his flee on before his wig was split:

Osama bin Laden had 500 Euros in cash and two telephone numbers sewn into his clothing when he was killed, CBS News has confirmed. The news was first reported by Politico Wednesday. It was unclear whether the money was denominated in Euros or another currency, but the revelation seems to indicate that the al Qaeda leader was prepared to flee in the event of a raid like the U.S. military strike in which he was killed on Sunday.

The details come from officials who attended a classified intelligence briefing on Capitol Hill.

“CIA Director Leon Panetta told lawmakers about the items found in bin Laden’s clothing in response to a question about why he wasn’t guarded by more security personnel at his relatively luxurious home in a military town north of Islamabad,” Politico reported. “The answer, according to one source who attended the briefing: Bin Laden believed ‘his network was strong enough he’d get a heads-up’ before any U.S. strike against him.”


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  • Knowitall

    Why would he think his network was good enough to get him a heads up before the CIA struck? Was Dubya keeping him posted? Food for thought.

  • The Commenter Formerly Known as White Devil

    I’m sure he thought the Pakistani military would let him know. Good think we didn’t coordinate with them.

  • daresay

    It seems Americans love gloating. Why are they releasing the information in bits and pieces? They should release all the information once so that the world can move on. Osama was just one man in a world of over 6 billion people. Let’s move on already.
    I’m already bored of seeing this Osama issue all over the news. Yawn!!!

    • The Commenter Formerly Known as White Devil

      There is a bit of gloating, but I think it is mostly that reporters are bugging the people that know for information and when they get a juicy tidbit, they print it. It is more about driving the news cycle than gloating. Americans want to read about this.

    • J


      Typical fickle repsonse.

      This isnt a story about Kim K, or Nicki Minaj…

      Its perhaps the biggest story of your adult lifetime.

      Its a fukin real life The Expendables…GI Joe, Gears of War, etc.

      And your response is ‘yawn…im already tired of it’

      You’re a disgrace lmao You and everyone STILL thinking this shyt aint real.


    • daresay


      It may be the biggest story of your time, but not my time. There is a war going on Libya as we speak, and this whole Bin Laden issue seems to have covered that.

      And forget Libya, the situation in Ivory Coast is till dicey and people are still fighting. Bombs have been going off in Nothern Nigeria, but somehow they don’t make the international news. And even when they make it, it is just a flash and it is over with. But now that Bin Laden is dead, the world nor go hear world again. Why? Because na America kill am. Big deal!

      Keep gloating for killing just one man after 10 years and over 600 billion dollars spent, and Pakistan milked the US Govt like Nigerians milk American Mugus. You should be hiding your heads in shame instead.

  • daresay

    lol… and I’m sure by tomorrow they will tell us Osama had a condom in his pocket, or he was he fvcking his wife’s brains out when the Navy Seals blew his brains out. haha

  • ItsWhatever

    *his turbin

  • Honut Sinti

    I keep coming back to osama’s fiercely arched eyebrows.

  • chaka1

    I agree. The final deed is done. I don’t plan on celebrating but I’m not getting mad at people who do. Down here people are pretty much carrying on with their normal lives.

  • dumb

    Where is my friend Clarissa?

  • Go away racist

    If you hate Americans them stay off an American site.

  • white male

    tens of thousands have been killed by his group and he said anyone who does not practice sharia law deserves death and all americans deserve death, it was a happy day for americans

  • rene

    Why did Bin Laden hate Americans?

    • The Commenter Formerly Known as White Devil

      I think that is complex question. I don’t know that he was necessarily driven completely by hate. He was a devout Muslim and felt that the whole world should be converted to his fundamentalist version of Islam, by force if necessary. He fought in Afghanistan and thought that he and the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan were responsible for the collapse of the USSR. He saw the U.S. as the leader of the infidel world, but he thought we were a paper tiger and could be defeated in the same way. His goal was a restoration of a Muslim caliphate and a return to what he felt was a Muslim golden age with his caliphate as a Muslim superpower.

    • The Commenter Formerly Known as White Devil

      *that is a complex question*

    • rene

      Thanks. I heard he could be anything he wanted to be ,he was very smart and wealthy. But he chose to kill.

  • Mohammed Nazir

    Try & ask ya self diz questions plz.
    1) Who trained bin laden?
    2)Who did he worked for?
    3)Why did he betrayed America?
    4)Why Bin laden hate America?

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