Why Are We Paying People To Make Us Look Bad??

- By Bossip Staff

The next time a black woman gets salty because some non-black person thinks she’s an expert neck-roller and inflictor of verbal castration, she’d better be sure she didn’t contribute to that stereotype by watching Real Housewives of Atlanta, the hot mess also known as Celebrity Apprentice, Basketball Wives and the Bad Girl’s Club.

Watching any of these shows passively gives credence to the notion that all black women are b*itchy and can’t get along with people, while networks fatten their wallets with ad dollars while we act a fool.

I’m just gonna say it: the women who participate in this coonery are sacrificing the GLOBAL reputations of black women, and once the shows’ producers are done using you *cough* Star Jones and Nene*cough* they’ll move on to the next black woman willing to feed a stereotype for a buck. The previous ‘tools’ will remain “C”- and- “D” listers, and Donald Trump will get richer off of the apparently winning formula of making black women look like they breathe and fart fire. Remember Omarosa? Just barely…right?

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  • shyCookie

    Check this out ..These females do NOT represent me! I represent myself … Never been an angry black woman with a loud mouth and it people can sense this when talking to me.

  • marcus

    I agree 100%

  • realtalk

    Nene girl get it together dont put on a show at the expense of ur sister u know she’s a lawyer (lolol) together we stand just make sure U dont fall trying to give __ folk a show. u dont have to do all of that your presence alone makes them crave more.

  • lt

    this is a 2-way streak. we don’t have to accept the opportunities that are being offered either. most of them are thinking of the money seeking attention and potential fame. some people will do anything for money. as for celebrity apprentence, it’s a competition, it’s about winning. i like the fact that starr didn’t go to nene’s level, she rose above the situation. like starr told nene this ain’t the real housewives.

  • for the people

    No, the stupid audience is to blame. On all of these shows, there are other ethnicities acting equally bad. We don’t think all Italians are like the Jersey Shore crew…, all white women are like the Rock of Love chicks, all Asians are like the 2 girls 1 cup and tub girls, but all blacks are like Ne Ne and other badly behaving black women. It is funny how we all are not like Oprah, Michelle, Tyra, or the hundreds of other black female celebrities…we are only like the scandalous ones.

    • Yee

      Preach on!

  • G Howe Black

    What the hell is a 2 way STREAK? STREET maybe

  • Tron

    Most black women i see just are just evil…i was riding the bus the other day and it was full of them and some poor white trash with all these pitiful babies….and a man with one freaking leg wanted to sit and every last one of the black chicks rolled their eyes and would not move or get their fat butts up…the white trailer got up instead. Not all but most bw are just evil and ghetto.

    • Yee

      Why didn’t you get up? And next time ride another bus!

  • Zee

    I am a black woman and I am lady-like and respectful. Don’t group all of us the same category. Nene don’t represent all black women.

  • Come On Now!!!

    Gotta agree with Rai, I grew up with too many black women who act a damn fool because they feel a certain way about something. Its not pleasing to the eye, especially the opposite sex. Please get it together!

    I know not ALL are like this, but the majority DOES act like this. That’s why the stereotype continues. I used to waste time agruing with y’all, but now I save the stress and just walk away!

    • RAI

      Well said, and then they complain when successful black men don”t date us. Come on who wants a chicken head , kissing their teeth, rolling their necks and taking earrings off at a company dinner, or while the other wives are socializing your bad behave black wife/woman in the corner giving the other ladies the evil eye for no reason. I am a black woman and i have witness this bad behavior too many times. I didn’t make this up and I am not a racist.

  • 1king

    It’s about time people woke up. Finally. They benefit from the ugliness that they produce not the average black person. The only thing you get is the bad reputation. That they use to bar you from anything that will better your life. Duhhhhhh at least this acknowledgement is a start.

  • Gaea

    @Rai I get what you are saying, but any person who believes one person of a certain ethnicity represents them all is a damn fool! There are several shows where other females act up- Jersey Shore, Mob Wives, bad Girls Club. Oh, wait… they’re not black so lets exclude them. Sometimes it has nothing to do with being ghetto, its about being disrespected. i’m not black, but I do have plenty of black family members and i be damned if I’m going to let someone disrespect me because a camera is in my face.

  • kerrysweetgal

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