Nene Leakes Goes OFF In Radio Interview “I Don’t Stab You In Your Back, I Stab You In Your Chest”

- By Bossip Staff

You can’t play Nene LeakesDon’t even try it. She will shut you DOWN!

A couple of female co-hosts on the Russ Parr Morning Show found out the hard way what Star Jones and Kim Zolciak are already well aware of. Nene Leakes don’t play that sh*t! If you come at her the wrong way she will scream on yo’ a*s…

Listen to the interview below:

PURE COMEDY!!! Ol’ girl tried calling her a bully and she got SERVED!

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    • Ariona Taylor

      Nene is a beast in all aspects.
      Check out

  • Fucc Em

    Sasquatch oh Sasquatch, where have your marbles gone?

  • me

    I just want to see if my comment gets posted for once (but I see these spam posts get on every article)…

    Nene did just prove their point. Cause to me that’s a valid question to ask and she went off.

  • Keep it Real

    What kind of radio show is this where a female cohost is asking questions and the male co-host keeps interupting her? He sounds like he’s gay.

    • Mic

      What does his sexuality got to do with anything. I swear socalled straight people are really into who is gay or not. Why are you interested? And if he was gay so what??????? Homophobic idiot!

  • Bri

    I do not like the Russ Parr Morning Show, and I cannot stand Nene Leakes. How can you say, “Just because you go to school for 10 years and get a degree don’t mean you are smarter than me”? She is full of drama and to me Russ was a bit out of pocket. They were just asking her if she was a bully and, as usual, she became confrontational.

  • MzFitt

    Has she won any money for her charity?

    • Hee Hee


  • QueenLove

    Nene is extremely sensitive and tries to put out every little fire. It can’t be done…people will try to irritate her because they can. She’s making money now and she needs to focus on that and not the naysayers.

  • gaping azzhole

    Black women are angry about their incompetence.

  • BossipKiller

    Why is the female interviewer so combative? She sounds like a straight hater.

  • Benzy

    Last Sundays apprentice show was bomb!! Lmao Nene vs Star, I love it.

  • Anonymous

    The host hit everything about NeNe on the nose. Any adult person with common sense could see that. Unless you’re that one that loves all that ghetto woman mentality

  • lisa

    i love nene

  • jubalee

    I miss the Russ Parr Show 😦 BOOP BOOP! (neenee voice)

  • Bruce

    She has REALLY BAD SKIN!!!

  • Donna

    Shut up Russ Parr. NeNe is a bully, and she needs to recognize it.

  • lenta

    The girl was kind of annoying though, she was pushing it I would of did the same thing and I am in no way like nene.

  • arie

    NeNe is a sorry excuse for a woman!

  • Breanna

    The female interviewer had an agenda! I dont even like NeNe but you can tell she was gunning for NeNe the minute she opened her mouth.

  • http://bossip wjr

    NeNe ia a disgrace to the female gender.She is to loud for me.She is a disgrace to the ladie of Atlanta.I would not describe her as a lady.She is a low life.She is jealousy of females with education.Did you see how she tried to start an argument with Phadera and Kandri.Kandri told her “I am not Kim,and bring it on”,she soon step back.I do love how she spoke to her sons about their worth in this world and she loves her sons.

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