Hi Hater: George Bush Declines President Obama’s Invite To Speak At Ground Zero With Him

- By Bossip Staff

Throwing a lil post-presidential shade are we???

Former President George W. Bush has declined an invitation to join President Barack Obama at a New York City ceremony later this week marking the death of al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden, NBC News reported on Tuesday.

The White House said that Obama on Thursday will visit ground zero, the site of al-Qaida’s attack on the World Trade Center, and meet with the families of those killed nearly 10 years ago on Thursday.

“President Bush will not be in attendance on Thursday,” The New York Times quoted his spokesman David Sherzer as saying. “He appreciated the invite, but has chosen in his post-presidency to remain largely out of the spotlight. He continues to celebrate with Americans this important victory in the war on terror.”

Bush, whose presidency was defined by the al-Qaida-led Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States and the subsequent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, has largely maintained a low public profile since leaving office.

Bush plans to mark the 10-year anniversary of 9/11 at ground zero in September, NBC reported.

Do you think Bush is being shady or is it better for him to keep out of the spotlight?


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  • noble

    Translation: “Thursday’s not a good day. That’s when I plan on going scuba diving to go find my buddy…” ..Man, as connected as those Bushes are to bin Laden, do you really think he’s trying to be there? SMH

  • http://hustlebunny.com Hustlebunny

    talk about shady smh

  • gaping azzhole

    You black people are ridiculous. Everything is an issue with you people.

    • WOW

      U black people. That speaks for itself

    • PG-13

      And its MF’s like U that manke it an issue. #loserprik

    • yeahisaidit

      I am black and i totally agree with you, yet they want to get on here and talk the most ish about other blacks but when a white person does it they are racist. Black people are f*ucked.

  • olivia

    He is visiting on the 10th anniversary of Sept.11. He does not need to visit twice this year.

    I respect Bush for falling back unlike the rest of those lames in the GOP.

    Rudy Guiliani would have been all over this one…

  • Nana

    Especially ur stupid comments on here @gaping azzhole!

  • noble

    Come on. Nobody needs his butt at the Super Bowl but this isn’t just any old ceremonial ribbon cutting or media appearance. Isn’t this a historical big deal? Killing bin Laden? Isn’t this what he’s been talking about for the last 10 years? All the living former presidents show up for major national events. He can too. Not buying the ‘I’m no longer President’ for the “big” things too. Nope.


      Bush is keeping a low profile because he doesn’t want people to REALLY start digging. He knows that they will find that he and Usama planned 9/11 together in order to steal oil from Iraq, which I steal don’t undeerstand. How does a terrorist from Saudi Arabia bomb your country, and you go to Iraq? the truth is, the Saudis HATED Americans ever since the 80s, and probably sent Usama to do their dirty work. America does not realize how many ennemies they have, but Pakistan just showed us what they really think. I wonder who will be bold enough to indict Bush & Cheney for their dirty deeds.

  • okkk

    U black people what? … if ur gonna insult follow through you azz clown… waits on you ignorant response.

  • LOL

    LOL, white people just can’t stand the fact that Obama & black people are #WINNING! LOL #staymad

  • LOL

    LOL, white people can’t stand the fact that Obama & black people are #WINNING! LOL


  • #justsayin

    Bush is just mad because he’s another white man that got owned by Obama lol.


  • Common Sense

    Well, I for one am a black individual, and I don’t think there is any “shade” or any other form of contempt being thrown in Obama’s way by Bush. I can understand why Bush is upset actually. Seriously, wouldn’t any other white man feel incompetent and worthless because of the fact that a black man could accomplish something he couldn’t? Think about it.

  • clarissa

    It seems every President that had that office ran and hide for at least 4 years…except for mega attention hoe Bill Clinton! That’s one of thoes jobs you take serious time off to recover from! Poor Bush…he never imagined he would be doing anything but Pimping in the whitehouse…911 was f’d up. PLEASE BUSH STANDING IN OBAMAS LIGHT WOULD BE DUMB AS ASKING CIARA TO COME OUT AFTER BEYONCE.

  • FussyBritches!

    The fact of the matter is it doesnt matter if he’s there or not! I don’t think he would be missed! He’s got the right idea of falling back!

  • Lady B

    No, he just doesn’t want to be used and put on a show. Good for him!

  • Loli

    inviting him is like rubbing his failure all over his face…..its like…..I can do what you couldn’t so let all see it!!! Of course he declined the invite, so would I if I was him!!!


    Hi Haters!!!

    ALL of you HATING ON OBAMA better be prepared for another 4 years, of his wondeful administraion. HE is Unbeatable!!

    Conspiracy or no conspiracy!!
    He is fly, he is so smart, oh Michelle I am so jealous.

    I love how a black man runs this country and how it has some racist white people all up and arms!! hahahahaa!!!

    2012!!! let’s go!!!

  • Phyre

    I mean really now…
    If people think that Bush and Osama planned 9/11 together, while he was president, what would make everyone think that Obama is such a damn saint?…they both have the same position as president, which really is not a position of power, but a voice.

    I don’t dislike the president, but I’m smart enough to know he is painted as a savior for a reason…

    So I guess everyone is going to drink the koolaid and vote for this guy again? How convenient that Osama was killed right before 2012 campaigning.

  • Michelle

    These are the companies that Advertise on Donald Trump Apprentice. Please show them what we can do. Boycott these products. Show them what our money meanss

    7UP Applebee’s, AT&T, Buitoni, Canada Dry, Capital One, Cheetos, Citi Bank, Farouk Systems, Ford, Hometown Buffet, Home Depot, Hyundai, JCPenney,Jell-O,Kay Jewelers,Kellogg’s Frosted Mini-Wheats,KFC,LG, Lowes, Lincoln
    L’Oreal, Lysol, Macy’s, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Nationwide Insurance, Ocean Spray, Panasonic, Pepsi, Proctor & Gamble, Samsung, Stouffers, Subway,T-Mobile, Visa, Wendy’s, Yoplait.

  • goldie

    bush know something is about to go down on that day!

  • Unico

    He was pretty determined to see soldiers finally nail the biggest terrorist and tackle terrorism.

    I think he should at least show up and wave. That spotlight excuse is understandable, but doesn’t make sense.

  • Nation

    Bush doesnt want to go see the mess he made..

  • Northern Cali Honey

    Bush is a piece of shit. Enough said.

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