No Sh*t Sherlock! Ciara Is No Longer Hiding The Fact That Amar’e Is Chopping That Thang To Smithereens

- By Bossip Staff

SMH… Ci-Error has finally stopped pretending she was just going to those Knicks games to support La La.

After The “Ride” singer was snapped by the paps for the second time in a week, while boo’ed up with Amar’e leaving an after party for Monday’s Alexander McQueen Costume Institute Gala, she reluctantly admitted she’s hittin’ that!

HipHollywood founder Kevin Frazier finally got Ciara to admit she’s “dating” Amar’e Stoudemire:

Here’s what Kev said…

Just interviewed Ciara and she admitted that she and Amare are indeed a couple. She was very shy about it and said “you know I don’t talk about my personal life” but when I pushed she shook her head laughed and said yes they are a couple. She added that this is a very happy time in her life and that she is really enjoying herself!

About damn time… We give them about another six months to ride this publicity train before she gets sick of pretending she doesn’t know about him getting it in on the side. Congratulations!


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  • Sindy

    This bish is rocking that Givenchy! Yas Ci Work! They look cute together!

    • cocoxx

      Interesting article !
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  • Nana

    Sh!t Amare should be happy his with Ciara! She’s a bad bish

  • RITA

    So does this now make her and LaLa the queens of NYC or at the very least, the Knicks!!! Say it ain’t so…They just might take Kim Kardashian’s shine, while she’s hanging out w/ the goof-ball from the d-league, oh, I mean the Nets…CONGRATS TO BOTH CIERRA AND LALA…Nice to see young happy black couples…Enjoy the moment, Kim K. will b upstaging you soon…

  • fabwtalk

    They actually make a cute couple so good for them.

  • Life

    His body language towards Ciara seem tensed. They both seem tensed.

  • Ryda4life

    I said it before & I’ll say it again. “Thirsty ”
    Ciara just waitin for this fool to cut the check…..

    • Smh@Youall

      And who’s cutting your check? Oh never mind THE STATE. Stop hating. You wish a baller would even glance your way. You bitter ppl kill me.

  • M

    Hey Mickey, maybe 50 wasn’t seen in public with Ciara is the fact they were not a COUPLE..duh!

    • !!!!!


  • 2Sweet

    Ciara looks fly, he looks ugly.

  • yvonne

    Nice, she deserves to be happy

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    ??????? lmao0000

  • Panamanian Miguel(There are blacks in Latin America)

    Are you people blind or something theres thousands of black/black latinas out there that are way better then Ciara,she has a body like a little boy,a giant wig,and a semi descent face,and obviously shes in the military with that parachute on

  • Uhh yeah ok

    NO to the dress.

  • Choc

    I don’t know why there is so much dislike for Ciara. She’s no better or worse than alot of other celebs out there now. I wonderwho she made angry.

  • Ben

    Ciara is beautiful and works hard why all the hate and bitterness.She is ambitious and conducts herself well.

    • Smh@Youall

      Thank YOU!! Co-sign. Team Let a b*Tch live. hahah

  • Lisa

    Congratulations Amare. Let’s see how long before he screws this relationship up, and he will. Men always seem to get ‘confused’ when they get a decent/good woman.

  • Heather

    Aww, a little bit of man on man—>NEXT!

  • JM@gic

    LAst i checked Amare was the one with a job so how in the hell is Ciara the catch you can put a wig on any skeleton and you have Ciara

    • lele


  • Jay

    Ciara is one of the few black women who get it and understand the role of picking the best out of your breed. She could be chasing some n1gger who no job, but things he is LL cool J or a a dude with money and status. If more black women thought like Ciara more black women would be getting married and having money to spend. Thats why white women will always be on top they got the memo.

    • Cherie

      Jay, you just had a go at Ben. But even I am finding it hard to understand your comment…you state thats why white women will always be on top? there are a lot of black women who judge a man NOT by his looks but by his character!! I want a good man at the end of the day… a lot of us do.

  • Getem

    I think they make a cute couple. Ciara looks like wife material here.

  • Ben

    Jay what world do you live in not the black community.Black women do have money to spend for the simple reason that black women make up most graduates and professionals in the black community.
    White women are on top of whom they have the highest rate of divorce especially with black male partners maybe you should check your facts and stop posting rubbish just to insult black women-what happened your mother did not love you.

    • Jay

      You really want to go there with me Ben@. If your effeminate behind thinks what I said was an insult to black women you need to reread what I wrote hom0. Also, all marriages in America are in trouble. 50% of marriages in America end in divorce. But married couples who both have college degrees are less likely to divorce over those with a high school diploma or less. Hoodrats need to take notice.

      My reaction was that some women called Amari ugly which is fine but the man is a top breed male with money. He is a paid black man with a high paying job and that is fundamental in marriage.

  • jah

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mrs. Rance

    Let me clean that up. That’s not because of Ciara. Its because I can’t see her putting up with a man cheating on her for some reason.

  • Iola

    This Outfit Is Hottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt…….Loving It…

  • Machelle

    Please…they aint dating…I wonder how much he paid for her for the evening..lolol

  • !!!!!


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