Dr. Steve Perry Gives Advice To Obama, Talks Bill Cosby & Russell Simmons Beef And New Book

- By Bossip Staff

Before the world was flooded with news that Navy Seals successfully killed Osama Bin Laden, Dr. Steve Perry was giving HipHopWired his opinion on The President Of The United States.

The esteemed principal, who made national headlines on CNN’s Black In America II, is never one to hold back and his latest interview proved no different.

In it, Perry, who moonlights as a CNN education contributor, said that The President is a leader—and he uses that term loosely, who is too malleable, too conciliatory and overall too soft.

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  • trep1w

    Let’s see, he’s the President and no one has ever heard of you. Just go away.

    • kate810218

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  • Pebblebeach

    sit your azz down perry



  • dragongirl

    I agree with Mr. Perry…I really think that Prez Obama is a decent, elegant and diplomatic person….but he’s got to adapt a “knock you out” persona…I’m not talking about egotistical and being on a high horse, but setting people straight. I have seen too many interviews and press conferences with interviewers and journalists being completely disrespectful to our President and talking to him as if he shouldn’t be where he is and Obama not checking these folks. No reason for that. Prez Obama needs to wake up and realize that this is an evil world with an evil congress and evil wealthy folks…no room for diplomacy.

  • LBC

    Everyone is an critic now. He’s leading a school (good for him). Obama is leading a country of 300 million. I fails to see what qualifies him to give Obama advice. It seems black people deal with Obama in one of two ways. We either love him like he is Jesus. Or we go out of our way to cut him down to prove we don’t love him like he is Jesus. A little moderation never hurt. And this guy’s shoulders are too narrow to hold Obama’s weight.

    And of course he is hawking a book. Does he give relationship advice to black women as well?

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