Coupled Up: Word On The Street Is That Red Top Rih Rih And DJ Prostyle Were Bumpin’ N’ Grindin’ In The Club All Night!!

- By Bossip Staff

Uh oh, has Rih Rih been practicing a little S&M with the New York DJ???

Rihanna hit the East Village’s La Vie Lounge with Power 105.1’s DJ Prostyle Tuesday night, and the duo was seen grinding “till the lights came up at 4 a.m.,” said a source. They even declined a VIP table to be on the dance floor, says our spy, who added: “They looked pretty cozy and left together.” Posting a picture of himself and Rihanna, he tweeted, “Me and my girl @Rihanna in the club chilling,” later adding, “Still toasting with my girl Ri Ri @rihanna !!”

We’re pretty sure that Prostyle erased the tweets, no word if he was “asked” or maybe just decided it was better to not implicate himself on the list of Rih Rih’s victims bed-fellows…


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    • kalifa


      if he was hitting the cooch he wouldn’t have time to tweet…his phone would be busy taking snapshots of her vagina to later post on the internet….. 🙂

  • sewage

    bossip stays with da exclusive! NICKI MINAJ SEX TAPE LEAKED!! WWW.LOOT6.COM

  • Naaa

    Hoe Alert…..!!! Ding ding ding dind

  • so what?

    When is that crusty wig coming off?

    • cc

      Stop it! LOL

  • Mak

    Rihanna gets around like a white chick, and nobody seems to say anything about it. Aint it Kim Kardashian…

    • cayenne

      and nobody should be saying anything about it, it’s her business…you should mind yerz…

  • ProudLatina

    Hey, they probably just friends. She can’t be that loose!!

  • candygirl

    The girl is single an always ready to mingle..aint nothin wrong with ALIL BUMP N GRIND>>THATS WHAT R>KELLY USE TO SAY LMFAO!!!

  • BodaciousRum

    LOl Rihanna is my gurl. Nuff said…and u busted chickens yackn on about her hurr just bury yaself plz. Bcuz at the end of the day Riri is still gonna be Rihanna..didnt she warn yall..That Rihanna Reign just want let up..LMAO!! BTW Luv ya HAIR RIRI…ROCK LONG DON FIYAH GAL!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JaZzIe91

    Rihanna don’t want him. And if she does she hit an all-time low.

    • Blue Kid


  • Rye Rye

    Rihanna gets around. Everybody gets to ride that.

  • Dre

    Love Ri-Ri, but her weave game is wack. That girls hair has been looking horrendous for a while now. I thought Stars were supposed to have stylists…



    • Blue Kid

      DJ Prostyle is that you, because that guy is not cute a baby monkey would be cute before this guy, looking like a over grown dutch money.

    • JM@gic

      What the hell is Dutch Money?

  • African (senegal) love breeeezy!!!

    I don’t care for her privat life she an adult but, oooh god she lost her sens of style i think that redwig blows her mine she really lost the touch since the loud era!!!

  • It's Me

    he didn’t smash, as his pockets not deep enough for her.


    She bumps and grinds with everybody big deal.

  • chrissy17

    Why do yall have her up and it’s my boo’s bday…..what’s the basis….

  • tommykimon

    I hope not he’s cute but has a ginormous head lol

  • deesac

    Ri will let anybody smash, I bet there are no walls left between them legs.

  • Lisa

    cosign 100%

  • Jay

    Rhianna a hoe who got more mileage on her then a 1976 Honda accord. Her punan has to smell like a trash can.

  • soso

    and rihanna has no real hair so you could’ve saved that line abt poster’s hair peppa lol

  • soso

    lol rihanna is bald headed and has no hair under those wigs her d.amn self so peppa you couldve saved that line abt the people who are posting hair looks like

  • kay

    rhi looks cute in that pic


    Now that DJ cracker will go back to 105.1 and tell how loose she was acting. You know how they love to talk among other radio stations.

  • monique

    She looks happy like she is having alot of fun …good 4 her

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