Now That That Shady Osama Is Dead: Bin Laden Hunter Seeking Quarter Of $25M Reward

- By Bossip Staff

SMH…this guy might be just a lil delusional:

The Colorado construction worker who flew last year to Pakistan on a one-man mission to hunt down Osama bin Laden says he played a part in bin Laden’s death. Gary Faulkner said Wednesday he’d like one-quarter of the $25 million reward that was offered for hunting down bin Laden. He said he’d use it for his nonprofit foundation.

Faulkner was found last year in the woods of northern Pakistan armed with a pistol, sword and night-vision goggles. The Greeley, Colo., man says he believes he had a hand in forcing bin Laden out of the mountains where he supposedly was hiding. Bin Laden was killed at a compound in northwestern Pakistan early Monday. U.S. officials say he had been living there for up to six years.

Should they give ole boy a cut???


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      ——– :)Um..what crazy person just decides to go to the other side of the world to make you rown personal man hunt mission.. u sound crazy sir…Who does that? Tha’s some stalker type craziness type mess…wow..ho sit down for u!

    • jrs


    • jrs

      This guy really did sneak into Afganistan and Pakistan looking for him… and he is actually a dying man.. His story is hella funny… But it is True… give that man a couple of Thousand for the effort.. it’s more than anyone else did that wasn’t military

  • nicki

    If he really did play a part in finding bin den yea they do need to pay up… If he just crazy and looking for some money give that fool a bus ride home and 20 dollars to by dinner

  • Mrs. Rance

    Had he given them intel that led to his capture I’d be all for it. Unfortunately, guessing that he forced him out of the wilderness without any evidence doesn’t fit the bill. Sorry dude.

  • dayg715

    hell no this redneck psycho doesn’t deserve a cut. he didn’t find him. where was tommy chong 6 years ago? LOL

  • #justsayin

    typical. white people always want to take credit for other people’s work.


    • FinanceHawk

      You think he’s white?

  • nyc-mrs.718

    if the dude gave him the exact location of osama i might have said ok..but him just going there doesn’t give them the slightest bit of evidence that osama was had i gone to pakistan then i can say the same thing right?? GTFOH


    @Drenk: U Stupid

  • yvonne

    Does he work for the cia or is he an informant? If not he needs to sit his ugly self somewhere. foh

  • sewage

    bossip stays with da exclusive! NICKI MINAJ SEX TAPE LEAKED!! WWW.LOOT6.COM

  • Knowitall

    Let’s not even discuss this. I also want a cut because I prayed for them to catch him “someday”.

  • veryfunny

    ol’boy is definitely delusional

  • Tyler Perry

    Oops make that Hilary Clinton, i was laughin’ too hard!

  • It's Me

    White folks always up to sum Bullshyt

  • noble

    I deserve my cut because I always thought they should look ‘over there.’ #payme

    • Wendy


  • JC

    Um..what crazy person just decides to go to the other side of the world to make you rown personal man hunt mission.. u sound crazy sir…Who does that? Tha’s some stalker type craziness type mess…wow..ho sit down for u!!

  • noble

    Um.. That’s whitepeople driving into the hurricane, boogieboarding into the tsunami, running toward the bear…

  • realtalk

    Bahahahahahahahahahah laughing at u Cracker @ tyler perry the other Cracker if u aint on dateline looking for kids u wanting money for something u had nothing to do with hahahahahahah we laughing at u Cracker hahahahahahhahhhhhhah woow

  • realtalk

    Bahahahahahahahahahah We laughing at u Crackers @ tyler perry the other Cracker if your not on Dateline looking for kids ur asking for money that does not belong to you hahahahahahahahhahahahahaha woow

  • bbeautifull

    oh sit down
    he doez deserve a quarter… 25 centz!

  • Tm30

    He needs to go sit down somewhere. He could have gotten himself or someone else killed. If anything, that money should be put into the military. Because let’s face it without the men and women who voluntarily join the military this wouldn’t have been possible. We all know if their was a draft most of these sorry @sses would complain and nothing would get done.

  • Lele

    Typical Cracka! Always trying to take credit for something they had absolutely nothing to do with!

  • JM@gic

    ah YEah right,one man forced him out,after 20 some years on the run,one man forced him out,white people will say anything

  • http://google smh

    They should give that money to the families of the victims.

  • champhf

    i want my cut too DAMIT…. i turned on my tv the other day and i said to my wife…”i think he is in pakistan” so i want my cut TOO.

  • Me

    White folks always up to some shit? How bout them black folks then huh. My cart rolled into a black woman’ car when I went to put my daughter into the car and did no damage but she got out complaining of severe back pain and neck pain saying she needed a doctor, so if we’re going to say all white folk always up to something, then so are all the black folk…

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