Jesus Take The Wheel: Piece Of Sh*t Thief In Detroit Steals Church Collection Plate At Gunpoint!!!

- By Bossip Staff

This guy is gonna have his own VIP section in Hell, complete with warm champagne…SMH

DETROIT (WJBK) – An unholy act happened in the holiest of places.

“To walk up in a church and rob a church … you’re doing something that’s pretty bad for you,” said Pastor Booker T. Williams.

He has presided over his faithful congregation at the Hicks Memorial Church of God in Christ on Mack Avenue for almost 29 years and has never seen anything similar happen.

“God says revenge belongs to me, and God will take care of him,” Pastor Williams said.

The suspect is a 20 to 25-year-old man who got in line at Sunday service to leave an offering on the table. Instead, he is alleged to have stolen all the money, probably about $200.

“He just took the money and just showed them the gun,” said Sherry Williams, the pastor’s daughter. “Said, ‘Don’t make this any harder’ and pretty much walked off.”

The suspect sat in the very back corner of the church through the entire service. Parishioners now say they may have seen him at the church before about a month ago with another man, and they think they were casing the place.

Said the pastor about the cowardly bastard:

“I guess I have to pray for him. That (is) about the best I can do,”

That’s an awesome quote from the pastor!

We’ve reported a lot of ignorant sh*t in our day, but this is easily right up near the top of the list


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  • IKR!!!

    The pastor stick and the church board rob the people er
    Sunday again what is the problem.

    • UP


    • Wendy

      @ IKR!!! I agree, if there is a special section for this dude it will be in the section with the pastors who lie! Cheat! and steal and literally physically abuse there parishoners, the irony of this would be if the Sunday school lesson that morning was on forgiveness that would be one heck of a test, oh! just thought of somthing will we now need to start pack’N and putting medal detectors in the church house??? I’m start going to “TV” church, anywho seriously glad no one was hurt the most this dude deserves is a beat down, serious prayer meeting and jail time………..

  • icebox heart

    D@mn!! Y di it have 2 b Detroit!!! If ruff out here but not 2 dat point!

  • sewage

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  • ignoranceisbliss

    Black people are truly shameless.

  • ripschit

    They listening to too much Biggie, don’t think he ever reall “robbed the preacher for all the offering”. I’m praying for him and my State too. It’s a “Hell of a place”, being in the hands of an angry God!

  • Atl_Finest

    Times is hard for a nicca in Detroit.

  • I Wonder

    That was gangsta of him. LMBO! Pretty easy lick! LOL!!!

  • I Wonder

    IF there is a Hell or God, do you really think God is gonna burn him for eternity for stealing $200? Hell, his punishment on earth would be probation…

  • Lovely One

    Utterly ridiculous

  • Delight23

    LeeJohn was that you ❓

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