To Whom Does This Lovely “Little” Teahouse Belong???

- By Bossip Staff

Oprah eventually changed the name of her house from Tara Two to The Promise Land:
“One morning I woke up and looked out over the land and the trees and I thought, ‘Scarlett O’Hara wishes she had had this!’” Oprah laughs.

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    • Ariona Taylor

      I would be Oprah’s bytch! NO JUDGMENT ZONE!!!

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  • really?

    My guess is “Oprah!”…we’ll see..

  • ignoranceisbliss

    123…Hi Hater.

    Oprah is a very generous person and because of that generosity she was bless not only financially but spiritually.

    Black Money Baby!!!

  • tommykimon

    I wish she would adopt me, I would happily live in her little tea house.

  • Teal_Blade

    People can hate. But they only sound stupid. They can only dream to have what she does. They can only fantasize about what she can do in one breath, that they could NEVER DO IN A LIFETIME..

  • yousho'izzugly

    F. &. C. K oKRA!!!!!

  • The Ugly Truth


    23,000 square feet??!!! Thts like a small mall

  • deadlywoman

    Oprah is full of sh** and full of herself.I can see right through her phony a** All of her so called donations seems to not be always genuine. It’s just to make her name bigger, the big OOOOOOOOOO(in my oprah voice).

  • chrissy

    it’s beautiful

  • I Wonder

    Damn I wanna be her friend so bad!

  • Bianca


  • mona

    Props to her for making it..too bad she doesn’t worship the Almighty, but is a loony bin Scientologist.

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