What The Hell??? Man Kills Handicapped Wife, The Cat, And Then…Himself???

- By Bossip Staff


An 81-year-old man shot his wheelchair-bound wife and cat, and then turned the gun on himself in their Florida Keys home, officials said.

A neighbor called the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office about noon Wednesday after hearing shots fired.

Sheriff’s deputies arrived at the home on Little Torch Key but didn’t enter the home immediately, fearing a suspect could be inside.

The bomb squad arrived, and sent a robot inside before the SWAT team entered the home and found 77-year-old Joan Tucker in a room on the first floor.

The Miami Herald reported that Glen Tucker was found upstairs, along with the couple’s cat.

The sheriff’s office said the motive for the killings was not immediately known.

Little Torch Key is a small island about 25 miles from Key West.

R.I.P to all, but what the hell is up with shooting the damn cat?!?!?


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  • Team nymphis

    he killed all 3 puzzies n that house

  • chozenwarrior

    U guys r crazy…but y did he kill the cat!?!

  • slimegirl

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  • 504tobrazil

    sad thing is his wife got murked before the cat did. 😦

  • QueenLove

    It’s too simple, the cat was the only puh z he saw.

  • bbeautifull

    why include the kitty it wouldn’t have gave a damn he waz probably tired of they old aysses anyway.

  • TS

    He killed his wheel-chair bound wife and u all r like..”why he kill the cat.”.-_- #idiots

    • dcmbklyn

      @TS you damn right why he had to kill the cat??

  • TS

    This guy killed his wheelchair bound wife..and everyones like “why he kill the cat” -_- #idiots

  • http://twitter.com/dirtyLUXURYY dirtyluxury

    ^ EXACTLY!! smh but he didnt have to go for the kitteh 😦

  • http://twitter.com/dirtyLUXURYY de'la flyy

    ^EXACTLYYYYY!!!! like i think the wife would be more important that the cat haha but still he could have let the cat be sheesh -_- that aint right though i seriously dont get why some people do this! He must have had dementia maybe? O.o

  • ohnoyoudidnt

    It’s easier to show comp@ssion for an animal than a human (sad but true). And on that note, why did he kill the cat? I’m a cat lover I can’t imagine someone being that cruel

  • http://google lmao

    Plus everybody knows that cats are snitches lols

  • kidrebelny

    Aww poor little kitteh, may the humans rest in peace

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