For Discussion: Are People Unfairly Critical Of Tyler Perry???

- By Bossip Staff

Another day, another bus to throw him under!

In Hollywood, you haven’t really made it until “South Park” makes fun of you.

On Wednesday night’s episode of the Comedy Central animated series, actor-writer-director Tyler Perry received that “honor.”

During an awards ceremony at school, Perry — dressed as his alter-ego Madea movie character — accepts the Kathy Griffin Award (simply given to the celebrity most likely to show up).

“South Park” even managed to work in a last-minute acknowledgment of the assassination of Osama Bin Laden.

On the episode, President Obama is shown at a podium addressing the U.S. just as he did late Sunday night. In his speech to the country, he reveals he would spend his final moments on Earth with loved ones “watching a Tyler Perry movie. I know it’s embarrassing. But I simply can’t help myself.”

But that’s not where the jokes about Perry ended.

As Obama continued, he wasn’t announcing the death of Bin Laden.

The villain in question was none other than Perry.

“I am pleased to announce that the greatest threat to mankind has now gone forever,” Obama announces to the country. “Justice has been done.”

Hilarious. We wouldn’t mind seeing Family Guy to kick some dirt on him too, he’s such an easy target that it always makes for great comedy

Do you think that people should just leave Tyler Perry alone?


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  • hanamichi

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  • JC

    It’s was funyy.. Hellurrr! The best part was that the only person who laughed at his antics was ‘Token” the only black kid on the show….

    • G.M.

      that was funny as fucc…and the part when Madea was like: “U know when a man be cheatin, he dont know what to saaaay, but a woman them thangs be quiiick.” LMAO XD “oh my luuurd, what’re we gonna duur???” “Hallelujur, somebody call IHOP cuz i need pancake!” lol XD

    • tommykimon

      I thought it was funny too, Plus the show wasn’t even about him it was about the comedy bot created by the unfunny Germans.
      I guess the only thing they were trying to say about TP is just black people find him funny.

  • mimi3180

    Yes,I think they should leave him @lone.What’s the problem with Tyler he’s making$$$ just like everyone else is. I don’t the understand the whole hoopla over him.He’s helped people in need he’s doing his thang..It’s a shame you just can’t please anyone nowadays..(hint)
    Try pleasing your ownselve’s and stop being sooo dam judgmental!!!!

  • ladyinblue

    “As my character Madeaer would say “Hallelujeeer!”” That. Was. Hilarious! And it was sad that whenever he would try to say something funny Token would give him some of his money until he had no more! But it’s true, if you’re on South Park you must have made it big time, if I were TP I’d be flattered. It’s just comedy.

  • QueenLove

    Who needs a 30,000 sq ft home? Tyler laughing all the way and that junk he makes don’t and won’t get my money.

  • Monica

    Honestly, I do think people are being unfairly harsh towards Tyler Perry, but at least now he can’t just say it’s black folks hatin on him. Cause whites hate just as much as blacks, it’s just that there are more opportunities for success for them so it isn’t seen as much.

  • sewage

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  • I Aint MAD at Ya

    He can do what he wants . . but . . . .
    While the WORLD is playing CHESS, Tyler Perry fans are playing CANDYLAND.

  • noble

    Your 6ft+ Blackman self dresses up as a Black woman who is loud and who packs heat, goes to jail, and threatens the police and small children and nobody is supposed to say nothin about that? …..Where they do that at?

    • G.M.

      dont forget destroying fast food establishments becuz they’re serving lurnch and not breakfast lol XD

  • candylicker

    Folk hate it when a BLACK Man is successful and he’s not disrepecting BLACK women. I will continue to support Tyler P and good black men every where.

    • Sepia830

      I expect someone named Candylicker to feel that way.

  • bbeautifull

    i didn’t read the story or the commentz but tyler perry/madea funny az shyt! south park funny az well but take thingz to far at timez!

  • KenaSipoy

    First, you should check your spelling. Second, he’s 6ft how is he portraying an overweight black woman? He’s just a tall black woman and he’s doing something different that many people cant do so the obvious choice for many is to hate on something you can’t do or have.

  • GHUK Flav

    Black people don’t like to be criticized or someone to talk about the bad things they do.When you do they don’t like you. TP does this and he is not only appealing to African Americans but every one around the world who is of African decent.
    I know people who are like a lot of his characters, and he has helped a lot of people heal and understand the character of others.
    The man has made his money for a reason …1) haters leave him alone. 2)If you are offended by what he portrays it is time to take a good look at you – chances are you are like one of those ugly characters. If you do not like what you see you can change it; get some counselling.

    TP God Bless you for the work you have done so far.

  • jag

    Where did I say he wrote it!? Why can’t he pick a positive book for the big screen? I’m tired of being force fed negative images of us. If you enjoy it good for you. I’m stating MY opinion

    • Sepia830

      Good for you. One day they’ll get it. Well, maybe not.

  • jag


    Nobody cares about his personal life… He keeps black actor employed playing buffoon roles. What’s good about that?

  • Kenedy

    There’s no such thing as bad publicity.

  • nicky barnes

    “Are People Unfairly Critical Of Tyler Perry???”

    NO. He NEEDS to STOP cross-dressing. Hard enough for black men to get respect in Hollywood. Find a woman who can do the Madea role and give that ish a rest. End of line…

  • Honut Sinti

    Breathe. Release.

  • I Wonder

    I think Tyler Perry’s a big boy and he can take it. He can cover his ears with dollar bills to block out all the haters comments.

    • rene

      LOL!cosign @ I wonder.

  • rene

    Luv Luv,@Dee Dee! LOL!

  • Mr Opulence

    No one spears a dead fish. It comes with the order. Whattya gonna do??

  • Picture

    When you’re famous, you get blasted from every which way.

    However: I don’t believe that one artist should criticize another working/living artist. It’s in bad form.

  • Daniel


  • Mr Opulence

    No one spears a dead fish. Its when you’re alive and flapping that people will throw spears at you. Whattya gonna do, he knows what he signed up for, it comes with the order.

  • E$

    Don’t men wear dresses in ATL?

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