A Lil Positivity: Today Is The 50th Anniversary Of The Civil Rights Freedom Rides

- By Bossip Staff

Here’s a little history lesson for you: 50 years ago today, a group of activists flooded bus stations to desegregate businesses all across the south. Soon, the movement took off, with hundreds flooding the south from all across the country. Many were beaten and jailed, but their activism ultimately succeeded. Bus stations were desegregated and the freedom rides became one of the most pivotal moments in Civil Rights history.

The bus rides were extremely dangerous and scary, with buses being set on fire, passengers being attacked by baseball bats and many facing various other serious injuries.

To mark the anniversary, there are reunions all across the country and even a special on Oprah. Now, if Oprah is dedicating time to it, then it’s a big deal. Tune in, read a book and respect your elders, kids.

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  • clarissa


  • I Aint Mad at Ya

    The avg reader here thinks FREEDOM RIDERS were backup dancers for FLO-RIDA !

  • clarissa

    Rflol…you know our parents and grandparents enlightened us! Forget your history repeat your mistakes!

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  • Ronny

    Happy half century. We’ve come a long way. Lets keep going.

  • Ronny

    Happy half century. Lets keep upgrading ourselves.

  • Ronny

    Love my ancestors

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