THIS Broad: Sarah Palin Thanks Bush For Osama’s Death, Still Talking That Yang About Obama

- By Bossip Staff

When does it end, Sarah Palin? When does it end???

Less than 24 hours after the world learned Osama bin Laden was dead, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin took the stage at Colorado Christian University to headline a group of speakers who paid tribute to American troops and hailed the killing of the world’s most-wanted man.

“Their courage and their determination brought us justice,” Palin said of those who hunted the terrorist figurehead for nearly 10 years. “They know that freedom isn’t free. It’s a God-given right and worth fighting for.”

Palin never mentioned President Barack Obama by name — instead saying, “We thank President (George W.) Bush for having made the right calls to set up this victory.”

We wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt: maybe in the emotion of the moment she accidentally forgot to mention President Obama by name. She didn’t forget his name when it came time to talk trash though.

Striking a more political note, Palin said American troops need clear leadership. She cited the Obama administration’s policy in Libya as an example of “a lack of clarity.”

“We can’t fight every war,” she said. “We can’t undo every injustice in the world.

“We don’t go looking for dragons to slay.”

Wait, isn’t that exactly how Bush allegedly “set up this victory”: chasing dragons and weapons of mass distruction?


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  • white male

    they fixed it

  • ShawnNeverSettles

    It does not matter what the subject is ALL haters react the same way, they act as if it will kill them to compliment the subject or matter in which they hate, not realizing it only adds more light to the hate. I am not attempting to start a race thing here however people like Sara amaze me at the depth their stupidity. There is a silent code in every game, NEVER speak bad about someone even if you do not like them…study that for a minute. For the people who are racist (I realize not everyone is but for those that are) it is so transparent that they were not prepared to deal with a president that has ANY black in him, and we can all see it by the pure hate that is coming out, it is all in their eyes, what they say and what they DON’T say, how their hate has taken over them and they cannot for the life of them contain it no matter how hard they try, it only shows more. It has them acting like CHILDREN on the playground throwing tempertantrums…..NOT a good look, get it together….lmbo

  • Really?!

    Thank you! That’s what I want to know. She’s willing to prove over and over again that she’s about as bright as a 5-watt bulb. Bump this goofy and dimwitted broad.

  • annasu19810218000

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  • slimegirl

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  • Bopa

    Bush didn’t “set up” anything. Bush called off the search for Bin Laden in 2006.

  • spartan843

    she’s just being flat out Racist everyone should have already known that.

  • THIS Broad: Sarah Palin Thanks Bush For Osama’s Death, Still Talking That Yang About Obama — Sarah Palin - Palin Fail

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  • JM@gic

    Why do you keep giving this retard the time of day,shes just showing why she will never be president

  • JayJay Growlings

    she needs to be sent to a mental institution!!!

  • Nic

    the reality is that most of the individuals involved in the actual search in intelligence and military were doing so under Bush and also to a lesser degree Clinton, so be mad all you want, because if she was to thank Bush and Obama like she did, she should have included Clinton as well. Its only the political operatives who change with administrations, the working cats involved in this for over 10 years did so under 3 administrations

  • Kammi


    I have been saying the same thung since the election. She has “the look” that people have who hear voices and should be on psychotic meds.

  • blaze

    she’s only but the lead pit bull , a carnival barker thats taking the lead to rile up the base of right wing republican hate mongers. them tornado’s didnt teach these folks nothing. she is nothing more than; as the british would put a strumpet troting around the US making that money while TODD is root’n after them young tight-azz tenderonis back home in alaska. this trick needs to grab a chair.

  • Cristine

    @ Nic she shouldn’t be thanking Bush because truth be told Clinton was ready to capture bin Laden before the republicans went in on a manhunt to try to impeach him over the Lewinsky scandal. Bush already knew bin Laden was planning something and did nothing to stop it. As a matter of fact he had our troops looking like idiots searching in the woods when he knew all along where bin Laden was. Furthermore Bush helped some of the bin Laden family members escape so I don’t see how helpful he’s being to the American people. As a matter of fact they should label him a traitor.

  • Holly

    All America wants Sarah Palin to just shut up and go home! Over and over and over, she is given this message but she refuses to listen. Who cares about all the stupid demands she makes–she is a loser and a quitter and thinks the world revolves around Sarah Palin.

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