Quote Of The Day: Mike Vick Says Osama “Deserved Every Bit Of It”

- By Bossip Staff

Who knew Mike Vick was such a great American patriot? While headlines have been buzzing over Pittsburgh Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall’s questionable Osama Bin Laden tweets, Philadelphia Eagles QB Mike Vick made it clear exactly where he stands on the issue in a recent interview:

“It was about time,” Vick told 102.1 FM and 1490 AM The Game in Virginia Beach. “What he so-called did to our people, took so many innocent lives. Hey, he deserved every bit of it.”

Is anybody surprised Vick is speaking up? It wasn’t so long ago that, for some people, he was more of Public Enemy #1 than Osama. Any chance these comments will get him back into America’s good graces?


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  • white male

    Mike vick what a great guy

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  • Blue Moon

    Lol he’s just happy the hate has shifted..he probably dougied all night toasting to Osama..

  • http://Hotmail Islandbaby

    Awww and I thought he would have sympathy for another killer!

  • drizzy

    Naw he’s a black man in America who made a mistake. They’ll never let him live it down even if he won the superbowl every year untill he retired.

  • Noble

    You might want to say No comment on all the Violence questions, MV. Or, no matter what they ask you, the right answer always, my brother, is “I feel bad.” That shows your “feeling” side. Let’s practice: ‘do you think it’ll rain on Sunday?’ …. “I feel bad.” #perfect

  • Joyce.Alexia

    And the white people said the same thing about you negro, ugly man

  • Pink Lace

    Damn Vick, just smile and nod. Smdh… VA stand up!!!

  • Xclusive

    LoVe ViCk

  • just me

    I love all these comments sharing my opinion. Vick…shut your a$$ up about what people deserve for their crimes. Be happy you free!

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