You’re Outta Here: Ron Artest Is Going To Get Suspended A Game For Getting All WWE On The Mavs

- By Bossip Staff

Guess who returned to the land of Crazytown. While the Lakers were getting mollywhopped by the Mavs last night, Ron Artest hopped in a time machine and took things back to when he used to swing on fans in the crowd.

In the closing seconds of game two, Ron Artest had a blackout moment and clotheslined J.J. Barea. Dude almost took out Mr. Kardashian in the process, too. The NBA doesn’t like that kind of rough housing, so Artest is expected to get suspended for the pivotal game 3, which is even tougher for the Lakers who are already down 2-0. Maybe Artest should go back to that psychologist he always likes to thank so much during his short vacation.

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  • Ms. Littlejohn


  • Nana

    Yall know his Psychiatrist is on Speed Dial as we gossip right??

    *hello Mrs Clark I done phuked up AGAIN Ma’am…….yeah am on ma way*

  • I Aint Mad at Ya

    WEAK that he choose ”Barea” to go goon on ! What about the players who have been lighting that azz up.

  • sportstalk23

    Did he book an emergency session with that shrink. Barrea was lighting the Lake show last night

  • annasuiop19810218000

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  • maru-chan


    Imma cry if we don’t won game 3!! Lakers v. Bulls is gonna be crazy!

    • Bloodshot Third Eye

      EVen if the Mavs don’t finish them off the Lakers won’t make it past the next round.

  • KKO

    Game 3 is a MUST WIN for the Lakers

  • JM@gic

    That move basically describes the lakers title chances,it doesnt look good

  • Toni

    I hate the LAKERS!! Go Ron!

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