Freaky Little Brits: The Middletons Like To Get Naked And Shake Their Royal Cakes

- By Bossip Staff

Well, well, well. It looks like the Middletons are a randy crop of kids after all. After the classy, small, quaint wedding between Kate and William last week, all kinds of freaky pictures are starting to crop up online.

Above, you see Pippa Middleton, Kate’s sister, shaking it in a bra. She’s not just shaking it during what is probably a Lady GaGa song, she’s doing it for some guy who’s rocking just his drawers. Kinky.

Over on the male side of the family, brother James likes to show off his a$$. A lot. He’d give Coco a run for her money. Here is just one pic. here.

Ew. Looks like William married into a wild family.

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  • tommykimon

    Is her brother gay? Just wondering.

  • Nana

    Here we go….! Friends won’t let this chic even enjoy her honey_moon, already selling pics of her family! Backstabbers!!!!!

  • rly tho

    totally set my gaydar off with all th butt pics with only and all dudes. what straight guy let’s abuncha dudes (not a single female in any of these) take pix with u with ur butts out nd fake blowing? gay. and I heard his voice sounded gay at the wedding

  • F.U.B

    U kno wat SCREW this site for nit accepting my comments. thts why u hafta ploy to get clicks. and u wonder why media t4keout isnt all tht credible but is th most popular urban website. atleast they’re funny

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  • Juliemango

    Well it looks like both wil n kate married into wildness bc mr harry looks wild2!!!

  • mii

    STOP. Dont ruin a Happy moment. I hate this nonsense. the media should be ashamed

  • JayJay Growlings

    ….the Queen’s gonna be PISSSSSSSSSSSEDD!!!



  • chrissy


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