5 Annoying Questions for Single Women over 30

- By Bossip Staff

Single ladies did you notice that when you hit the big 30, people’s expectations of you suddenly changed?

In your twenties, you were expected to have fun, take your time with the opposite sex, and explore different career options. Now, folks around you have started pressuring to lock EVERYTHING in your life down. As a result, those of us who take a non-traditional path or are taking a little longer to get everything in order must deal with the following irritating questions from our friends and family.

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  • Nana

    Lmaooo ma Older sister is going thru the same sh!t wit ma Mum and Dad…!

    “When are u getting married”??
    When are u having a baby??

    • Daniel

      If your sister looks like that woman in the picture above, then sender her my way. Me and her can answer those questions together! Marriage and all 🙂

    • anuiuiuiop19810218000

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  • (_Jasmine_)

    Those questions are asked constantly before the age of thirty….

  • Nana

    @Daniel hun am better looking done the chic above…….so wat u think? Lol

  • Nana

    @Daniel hun am better looking done the chic above…….so wat u think? Lmao

  • sporstalk23

    I’m over 30 single with zero kids and can tell you these dumb azz questions people ask are before 30. I was 25 working at a senior retirement home. One of the old guys who I met once before when I got the job, during a event I walked over to say hello and he said hi back and went right into “so why aren’t you married” lol like well damn. When I’m just hanging out with friends or in a social setting the topic sometimes come up but its just like everyone comparing experiencing dating wise. What I do hate is when some people come at me in some accusatory manner. Like I need to defend my life choices that effect NOBODY else. I aint defending shyt, come at me with disrespect I will check that azz with the quickness

  • maru-chan

    Before I clicked on the link I knew it was a madame noire story.

    They always posting shht about thirsty azz broads over 30,’how to get a man’ articles and shht

  • JM@gic

    Marriage is a joke,women get married to avoid the gossip,men get married because the bytch wont shut up




  • XFactor

    I get asked these questions on a constant basis… I don’t get offended, if I did it would mean that what is said held merit. Too each is own… Marriage and children aren’t for everyone. I’m apart of that club. I think the marriage and kids can be beautiful (I cry @ weddings and rejoice @ the birth of a new life) it’s just not for me… Call me selfish, call me non-traditional, call me whatever because I choose not to do what society sees as the social “norm”… I march to the beat of my own drum… And I LOVE IT! (love my life)…

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