Something About Bristol Palin Looks Different…But We Can’t Put Our Nose On It

- By Bossip Staff

Bristol Palin, after embarrassing herself and America on Dancing With The Stars, went ahead and cashed in on teenage pregnancy by handling speaking engagements across the country. Of course these speaking engagements for the good of the young girls out there meant that Bristol earned hundreds of thousands of dollars.

How did she spend it? Apparently by getting a nose job. Obviously she learned from her mom that if she looks better then she doesn’t have to maintain the minimum IQ necessary to function in society in order to make it. They’ll probably try to convince us that she didn’t get a nose job and it’s just camera angles. And we’ll believe them because the Palins never lie.

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  • AtCha

    Dont hate on this girl because she advanced to the final rounds and struck a chord with the American public…sorry that Scary-eyed Scarecrow Brandy got kicked out for being too driven but the Majority felt she didnt deserve to win Deal with it

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  • ShayShay

    It’s actually not even her nose, looks like she got a chin implant its a whole inch longer… and make her baby fat cheeks strecth.

    • Yeah. . .I Said It!

      She looks like she has lost a bit of weight because she now only has one chin. The tip of her nose looks refined (i.e. smaller). She also got the Kim Kardashian chin (implant). The End.

  • I love the Golden Girls...

    Clearly Its a chin implant, not a nose job. Nose is the same with a little makeup to contour.

    • ShayShay


  • noble

    Nose, teeth, eyes, hair color — whole different person.

  • MyM

    Chin Implant!

  • 100milesperhour

    She’s unrecognizable now & that’s scary. I can see you wanting to tweek something, but to come out looking like a whole new person is just weird.

  • Noble


  • anon

    She definitely has a new chin, nose, and teeth. Looks like she liposucted her cheeks, and got a chemical peel.

  • Naaa

    Nose, chin and Tequila…..duh!!!

  • nice badgirl

    There was nothing wrong with her old nose, I guess when in rome.

  • neicy

    She got her chin done too she looks worst than before

  • brittany

    chin implant and weight loss

  • Allie

    If she didn’t lose weight, to me it looks like she got some type of jaw reconstruction surgery, but she probably lost weight, in any case she looks a lot better

  • me

    She looks JUST like Snookie now….wtf?!?!?, LMAO hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahah! Side note: how funny is it that looking like Snookie is actually an improvement?

  • MegaHottie

    Chin implant, teeth done, clip on hair & mold whatevea they call it!

  • oooomg

    OMG. She was a NATURAL beauty before, and now she doesn’t even look like herself. She looks like any other ordinary hollyweird wanna-be. TOO BAD. what a waste. NOW SHE HAS A JAY LENO CHIN. so sad.

  • Observer

    LOL!!!!!! Ain’t no one can touch Michael Jackson , the freak!!!! Well, Lil Kim well on her way……..

  • YourDelusional01

    Doesnt Matter: Girl do you!!! If I was as ugly as you Id do the SAME EXACT thing, BUT GUESS WHAT? IM NOT!!! Also, you’re still UGLY AS HELL! Im NOT hating just telling you the truth! You’re still an idiot and a baby mamma, still a piece of shyte! You’re NO different than ALL these other unwed whoes, BUT your mammy, who’s unrelentless at making an AZZ of herself has found fame/publicity in a SICK world and gov, but that says A LOT about America!! This country is Trash and you Little Whoe and Your Family is in the forefront of leading the “trashy” pack!

  • I Wonder

    Looks like her chin and nose, along with weight lose…. Hey, if that’s what makes her happy. Go for it!!!

  • Juliemango

    Major improvement. Bristol got herself a jengray/fergie ferg makeover with a lil weightloss on the side.!!!

  • http://google DeeDeeo1

    Man, Look at the tip of her nose!! WT…..!?

  • Missy

    I guess her snotty comment about not being “typical Hollywood” just went right out the window!

  • Jane

    What a mean spirited blog. Don’t you people have anything better to do than hating on others?

    • josie

      ameb. Pure evil

  • josie

    She looks really pretty to me. Why are people so mean and hateful to this young woman. She looks better than a lot of us I’m sure.

  • JM@gic

    She went alittle over the top with it,face looks like a Football

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