Alicia Keys Talks To Essence About The Joys Of Being A Mommy Banger And Swizz Beak’s Mistress Wife

- By Bossip Staff

Congratulations to Alicia Keys! The singer just landed her first magazine cover since the birth of lil Egypt last year.

Inside the magazine Alicia finally gives her take on being married to Swizzy. Check out a few quotes below:

On music, marriage and motherhood:

“Falling in love is such a force, but this is a whole other level of magic.”

“I was very closed for a long time. But I feel so open now. To feel open like this means you’ve found the center in yourself. You’re not hiding; you’re not worried about anything. Everything’s going to be just fine.”

Everything is gonna be fine til Swizzy knocks up the next broad. We hope she’s right!

On dedicating a song to her mom:

“In the past, I’ve written mostly from my own perspective. But I just wrote a song for my next album that was inspired by a conversation I had with a man who was expressing how indebted he feels to God. He said, ‘I owe God.’ Now, what an interesting thought. And as much as I believe in God, for me that translated into how much I owe my mother for who I am. So I went home and I wrote I Owe You. It’s dedicated to her…”

Now that is sweet!

One thing that’s undeniable, Alicia looks banging on the cover!

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  • brittany

    she wrong for bein a homewrecker

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    • kalifa

      she looks thirsty in those photos…dry & chapped 😦

      somebody did not get any mommy breasts…lol 🙂

      she built her happiness on another woman’s pain. but hey as long as she is happy right?

      dirty hoe 😦

    • JM@gic

      Funny headline for a change,well if she can sleep at night knowing she stole a man from his wife then good for her,she shouldnt expect sympathy when the same shyt happens to her

    • vavavia

      furck all of u above…..did she come wreck ur home?Dumb a$s dont know sh!t but are quick to come make a comment……..

    • Greeneyez0712

      Homewrecker!!! This shyt dont make any sense…. Team Mashonda!!!!!!!

    • donchano

      She’s not a homewrecker. Hold your head up Alicia. People say things they don’t know.

  • monique

    aww can’t wait to hear the song

  • Nana

    She looks breathtakingly gorgeous on the cover………! Fresh! Dayuum


    Lets b real people alicia look dead she look like a crack head


    Alicia looks beautifuul. Wonder what Mashonda plans on tweetinq abouut this.

  • Follow me on twitter @iCandi001

    She looks beautifuul.

  • Mindy

    CAN’T HATE ON DESTINY. You ALL can deny it all you want, but we all wish & pray for that type of LOVE.

    • kalifa

      oh, but when Fantasia’s black a$$ was dating that married guy you all were not saying it was destiny….Fantasia was a hoe and deserved to be sued right?

      you’re a fake a$$ twit 😦

    • girl x

      we all know itz not going last forever. Lil Egypt will start walking, and then ITZ ON TO THE NEXT ONE. I don’t hate A. Keyes, but to be a trifling heffa that still put up with Snozzy Beats while he was cheating on her and Mashonda with the UK chick, and accepted his butt when they found out the lil girl was his, is a bonafide, low-esteem homewrecker. Personally, I couldn’t do it. That’s just way too dirty for me..

  • ChelseaHasMethFace

    Homewrecker. She’s no better than Fantasia on that aspect.

    • vavavia

      she wrecked ur home bytch?huh?……shut the furck up

    • (_Jasmine_)

      @u are really dumb, The point you’re missing is that she wrecked a family, whose family it was is irrelevant..She lacks morals and it’s all about principle… Women like her know better. Destiny it’s not, because if the show was on the other foot she’d be upset that someone woman didn’t tell her husband to back off and go tend to his marriage instead of hollering at her..

    • (_Jasmine_)

      That was @ vavavia,

      shoe-not show

    • Sonya

      Alicia didn’t abort her unborn child like Fantasia did then try to take her own life and not even bother to think how that might effect her other child. Fantasia wanted and asked for the attention she got. Reality shows are worth all that? Stop comparing. Their nothing alike.

  • Pink Lace

    She looks lovely. I have mixed emotions about her tho…Marrying swizz beats was straight bird game. She know he’s trife. Hey, he can show her better then Mashonda can tell her. I wish her the best.

  • SMH

    I used to like her but sleeping with and getting pregnant by another womans husband is just downright low. And no matter how light (oops I mean pretty) she is obviously this shows her selfish and true ways.

    • vavavia

      shut the hell up…I saw u open ur stink @ss for a married man the other day….now u gat something to say……..

  • carolina Simmons

    HOMEWRECKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be careful alicia he might do the same to you!

  • http://mobile KARMAIZABITCH


    • its cold n jersey

      This beotch is a dam bird, when she gonna show that hook nose baby, prob ugly is hell lmao that was wrong

    • u are really dumb

      if u think Alicia gives a heck about if u respect her or not…u are a non muddafurking factor anyway

  • http://mobile KARMAIZABITCH


  • Allie

    Even though my fondness of her has decreased, she does look absolutely stunning on the cover

  • iRoqq

    She looks like a white woman.

  • MiMi08

    As much as I try to separate personal life from professional, I just can’t ride with this chick anymore. I dearly love(d) her music but I lost so much damn respect for her. But, I mean, as long as she’s happy…I guess… You reap what you sow.

    • veryfunny

      she doesnt even know u fool…or give a furck wat u think…………….

  • Nicky


  • Beautiful

    She looks beautiful and is still on her game no matter what the Haters are saying.. She doesn’t even pay attention to this stuff so whats the point of hating so much? How about you Haters worry about your on lives maybe it will amount to something.

  • LatinaSabrosa

    LMAO! 🙂

  • Beautiful

    Love It! I Love how she continues to live her life and not let the negativity and the haters get to her…

  • Go Head Girl

    Simply Beautiful!! I still an Ak fan and always will be.. I dont look at the personal life b/c thats her business

  • TriniSazon

    some people really sound foolish what does her personal life/issues have to do with her music just because you see her on tv doesnt mean YOU know her .. many of yall blame alicia completely meanwhile Swiss beats gets off scot-free …get over its been over 2 years

  • kboo

    How can you f**k up something that was already f**ked!?! Mashonda let him dog her and cried foul when he was really done and didn’t want her no more. Alicia is no homewrecker in my book.

  • ThickLikeCornbread

    Im happy for Love!

    The Mashonda Vs. Swizz & Alicia beef got out of control b/c Mashonda EXPECTED Alicia to send Swizz home. So Mashonda lashed out at Alicia, instead of GOING UPSIDE SWIZZ’S HEAD

    Swizz cheated, had a baby with another woman WHILE MARRIED to Mashonda, THEN asked Mashonda to name the baby.

    When u allow a man to get away with low down s hit like tht, he will NEVER respect u.

    Mashonda felt like Alicia should have bowed out so tht Swizz could have a chance to come home. The truth of the matter is, MENTALLY Swizz was never at home. And once Swizz found a woman who demanded respect & who stimulated his mind/body/soul (instead of being a doormat), he left.

    Alicia did ntg but open her arms (& legs) to Swizz when HE CHASED HER.

    Mashonda will NEVER get closure until she FAULTS the person who was TRULY in the wrong. Alicia was one of Swizz’s MANY love victims

  • HateHomewreckers

    I definitely lost ALL respect for her. I could she if she presented herself in a negative light before this. But, to go from women empowerment, and all that to discussing how your so in love on interviews knowing it’s with a married man makes her a HOE! If it was done to any woman the other woman would be a Hoe! So just because she has money and famous makes her no better! It’s all the same wrong!! But, like everyone said she’ll learn because once a cheat always one. We’ll be hearing her heart break songs soon enough. And all those fans that’s mad…….she know she was wrong so u should too! MISTRESS IS SOMEONE WHO HAS A REALTIONSHIP WITH A MARRIED MAN! Which would be her!! When u GROW UP and it happens to you. See if it was “DESTINY”. Smdh

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