Spring Is In The Air And Mommy Bangers J-Hud And Toni Braxton Are Flashin’ Bare Legs And Thangs

- By Bossip Staff

Ms. Slimmy Trimmy herself was spotted in NYC flexin’ them slender stems this afternoon outside her hotel.

Toni Braxton was also spotted in NYC leaving her hotel. She was rockin a sweater to hide the fact that her dress was showing off ALL the curves on her body, but you can see it clearly in one of the pictures below. Enjoy!

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  • noble

    Yall please don’t pack this stuff in your bags on your trip to New York tomorrow. Please look at EVERYbody in the pictures. It is not summer. SMH

  • annasuiop19810218000

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    I see this bytch finally got a hold to some Palmer’s

    • Sepia830

      LOL. Are you sure because those kneecaps look ashy as he!! to me.

      When is she going to stop posing and put out some music that I can actually play in my car with the volume up?

  • slimegirl

    bossip stays with da exclusive! NICKI MINAJ SEX TAPE LEAKED!! WWW.LOOT6.COM

  • Nana

    Look at those legs…..well dayuu$ jen! I didn’t knw u had that goin on Mama


    you ALL know what’s next. yes, yes, i will finally concede that jhud is NOT a size 10 anymore, but a size SIX, not 4 and that any minute now she will have ‘JADA/MADONNA’ cheekbone implants to define that pineapple head of hers that RE-FUSES to shrink with her new bod. jussayin. 😉


    also, note to Toni:
    google victoria beckham sista, and learn…you never, EV-ER slop up a damn Birkin like that!!!
    unbreak my heart, Toni. unbreak my heart!!! for the love of F-F-Fashion!
    DAYUM! 😦

  • Kel

    My vote is for Toni. One she’s wearing her own hair that’s a plus. Jennifer seems like her head is getting bigger now that she’s smaller. I never thought she was friendly in the first place so i can imagine how she is now, but i could be wrong. Still think Toni looks cuter, but Jen doesnt look bad here either. Minus the weave

  • Tracy

    Wow, they both look GORGEOUS!

  • Avery

    JHud finally got them infested legs together… she looks nice but she will never look polished… Rink looks great minus that foundation….

  • JayJay Growlings


  • 7lady

    That’s why Toni azz in debt now…buyn up dumb sh*t tryna keep up. She wouldve looked just as cute with a 2,000 dollar bag. I see they put some makeup on Jenns legs today. They shouldve been did that. And exfoliating will help…not no damn cocoa butter. It does nothing but soften and flatten scars.


    Jen is coming along great! just remember to put some grease on those elbows and knees, but you cnt put grease on if youre wearing body make-up all over the place…dag!!!

  • 100milesperhour

    Scrubbing your kneecaps with lemons works wonders for caked-on dirt & grime,you should try it Jennifer.

  • Big Cain

    Dam, J-Hud I didn’t know you had it like that 🙂
    I’m impressed.

  • XFactor

    Team Toni!… All the way… Jennifer looks nice too… I don’t care how much weight she losses or gains… She just doesn’t have enough sex-appeal to me… Plus I can’t get over them knock-knees of hers! *kanye shrug* :/

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