40-Year-Old Banger Beef: Stacey Dash Wants LisaRaye To “Get Her A$$ Kicked”

- By Bossip Staff

Dayummmm looks like there’s a little beef brewing on the set of the show “Single Ladies” starring LisaRaye McCoy and Stacey Dash:

A source tells Us Weekly that actress Stacey Dash is acting out on the set of the new Queen Latifah-produced show Single Ladies. On Tuesday at around 2:27 a.m., Dash reportedly ran off set screaming, “No, I ain’t coming back unless that BEEITCH gets her as$$ kicked!”

The 45-year-old ex-Clueless star was referring to one of the show’s other stars, LisaRaye McCoy. The source adds that everyone on set was stunned, because McCoy, 44, apparently did nothing to provoke this behavior.

“It was an intimate dinner party scene so everyone was in cocktail dresses,” the source says. “Stacey was screaming and running around in thousand dollar Louboutins!”

SMH. Hmmm…we’d like to see how this one pans out…Stacey needs that job.


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  • ThickLikeCornbread

    Ummmm….. is this drama/free publicity for their new show?

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    • flahshel

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    • hm

      the two prettiest women in hollywood fighting? this is a fake story.

  • whatever!

    Even if it is a publicity stunt, lisaraye really needs to be brought back down to earth. she just acts like she is better than everyone else, with her jacked up hairline!!!!1

    • wildcherry666

      For real. i can’t stand Lisa Raye.

    • HowCanSomething

      @Whatever What’s wrong with having a “jacked up” hairline???
      What’s wrong with people with big foreheads???I bet Lisa Raye look better than your mom,aunt,grandmom,and great-grandmom. You’re mad because you CAN’T pull Lisa Raye if you wanted to. She’s NOT attracted to convicted felon,high school dropouts such as yourself.


    Why are these two old ladies fighting each other?

  • Sookie

    I am not even a little bit of a switch hitter, but Stacey Dash’s behind looks awesome, fantastic,wow. I need to know what she does to keep it looking that way, I will be 35 soon!!

    • ReallynotInterested

      You sound a little suspect.

    • derek.d

      “I am not even a little bit of a switch hitter, but as a man, I have to say that Shamar Moore’s behind looks awesome, fantastic,wow. I need to know what he does to keep it looking that way, I will be 35 soon!!”

      If a man said this would there be any doubt in your mind that he was zesty? Suspect? DL? Exactly.

      It don’t sound no different when you “allegedly” straight women make all these dyk3ish comments in every thread. Not that there’s anything wrong with it… Just sayin. 😉

    • lala

      Nothing she said was wrong, as women were just more comfortable than you men are at complimenting someone of the same gender. I want to know what she does too, because she looks amazing.

    • geemoenettie

      lunges squats stairs hills

  • QueenLove

    They look good and at 40 something, they know the in’s and the out’s of showbiz. LisaRaye is okay, but Stacey should write a book or something about her diet and exercise regiment. That girl is awesome.

  • Hotmochagirl

    aaahm whatever!!

  • Bubbles

    These Old H*es Need to Sit Down

    • YourDelusional01

      Hate to break the news to you, BUT these old whoes look better than you young ones!!! These 20 somethings look 45 today, so imagine what they’ll look like when they get 40!!! Like Crack Heads!!I suppose these men are tearing a new azz into them cus they look wore OUT!!!

  • slimegirl

    bossip stays with da exclusive! NICKI MINAJ SEX TAPE LEAKED!! WWW.LOOT6.COM

  • Puleeze!

    Whatever… Sells tickets i guess!

  • Juliemango

    Dang i didnt kno lisa raye was that hot!!!

  • iWork

    This story is true, i work on this show. Lisa is actually very cool down to earth and goofy as hell, but stacey is nothing but looks, her attitude is way off. This is not any publicity for the show.. But let me plug it, it airs on VH1 May 30th haha.

  • HowCanSomething

    BOTH are these ladies are GORGEOUS. They BOTH look good for their ages like Toni Braxton,Kenya Moore,Beverly Johnson,Nia Long,Paula Patton,Salli Richardson ,and Janet Jackson are ALL GORGEOUS women over the age of 41….

  • !!!!!


  • Ryda4life

    They need to do a celebrity boxing match!! My money is on Lisa . Stacey likes getting her azz beat by all her ex boyfriends . Diamond aint going…..

  • JM@gic

    whats wrong with black people at the work place…both of those bytches seem snootty

  • Jenny

    I don’t swing that way either but Stacey has def got it going on. You girl. @ topic, the whole story wreaks of publicity stunt. In a few days both women will deny the story that they prob paid the gossip site to concoct.

  • Brian Taylor

    good if you want to have white mens sloppy 2nds, 3rds and 4ths go right ahead. I have more respect for my deek than that. no hoes 4 me.

  • Uhh Yeah Ok™

    Both those pics are steamy.. dang..

  • bored out my mind

    I don’t think it would be a good show neither can act I hope they have good writers
    Stacey played a Dumbed side kick and Lisa is best known for playing a stripped *yawns sighs going to sleep*

  • LadyQ

    Both of them needs to get a grip….Stacey is the industry TRAMPoline and Lisaraye is so dame full of her self that it is just sickn……….

  • Got that Right

    No disrespect but not everybody finds women like this super goregeous. Doesn’t make us haters. I find women with more African features pretty, no matter their skin tone. These two are whitewashed. And you all are brainwashed. I would never glorify these women over my own mother’s beauty!

  • Big Cain

    Dam I’m torn I love both women. LoL I can just hear Stacey screaming with that cute voice.

  • M. H.

    Wow, who wrote this?? This is NOT news and NOT accurate. “A source told the magazine,” but who? One person? Pics of the catfight or it didn’t happen. I work in the production and heard NOTHING about this, not even from people who attended the cocktail dinner when this supposedly happened.

    To whoever wrote this: Thanks for jeopardizing our jobs. Teachers and Politicians across America are getting fired for talking smack about their jobs on the internet. Do you really expect to post this heresy for drama and come back to work? I call shenanigans. People, please do not believe everything the gossip sites tells you. And if all of this isn’t true, I’m guessing the show wanted is trying to get attention for viewers. Stacey isn’t going anywhere.

  • KeeKee

    I’m not gay, but these girls look damn good at forty.

  • Akeem Tyson

    fight? they’re just hyping the show – i’ll check it out anyway for Stacey Dash she’s fine.

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