The Side-Eye: The Government Explains Why All Accounts Of The Bin Laden Raid Don’t Matchup

- By Bossip Staff

In the midst of celebrating America’s victory over Osama bin Laden, the general public may have missed the fact that the government’s story has already changed a couple of times since the announcement of his death was made on Monday.

But now that people are starting to question how legal the raid was and the media is starting to pay attention to some of those discrepancies, the government is starting to cop preemptive pleas.

In the view of officials from past and present presidencies, it was a classic collision of a White House desire to promote a stunning national security triumph — and feed a ravenous media — while collecting facts from a chaotic military operation on the other side of the world. At the same time, White House officials worked hard to use the facts of the raid to diminish Bin Laden’s legacy.

“There has never been any intent to deceive or dramatize,” a military official said Thursday, asking that he not be named because of ground rules imposed by the Department of Defense. “Everything we put out we really believed to be true at the time.”

Tommy Vietor, a spokesman for the National Security Council, said that as more and more members of the 79-member assault team were debriefed after the raid, revisions inevitably occurred.

“It was the middle of the night, it was a hectic operation in a foreign country, there was gunfire, so people’s accounts are clarified over time with more interviews,” Mr. Vietor said. “What we did was make as much information available to you guys as quickly as we could, and correct mistakes as quickly as we could.”

Some of the discrepancies include reports that bin Laden used his wife as a human shield, whether or not he was armed at the time of the raid, and the value of the “million dollar” house he was living in.

“It’s had a hugely negative impact,” said Ahmed Rashid, a journalist and author who is an expert on the Taliban and radical Islamism. White House officials “were overexcited, obviously,” Mr. Rashid said.

“Liberal Muslims who are very sympathetic to the death of Bin Laden really don’t know what to think,” he said. “The American story is very confused.”

From Europe, even the archbishop of Canterbury weighed in. At a news briefing on Thursday, the Most Rev. Rowan Williams said that the killing of an unarmed man left him “uncomfortable” and that “the different versions of events that have emerged in recent days have not done a great deal to help.”

Aw sh*t.


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  • Wise1

    Cant get right…

    • Wise1

      And whats up with the new “chopper” they destroyed?

    • hanamichi

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    • Ariona Taylor

      So what Bin Laden was unarmed. There were unarmed people in the Twin Towers.

  • cmp2010


  • nyc-mrs.718

    agreed @cmp2010..i dont care how it went went down and osama is DEAD!!..whether it was legal or not this dude didnt deserve a legal death nor justice for how he orchestrated 9/11 and how he continues even after his death to have influence on the ppl who wanna carry his plan out..i say F*ck what ya heard..the dude is dead!!

  • neicy

    They are clearly lying! One minute obama is saying we have his dead body in custody, two hours later the news says bin ladens body is floating in the sea. They did the same thing with 9/11 they kept changing their stories. 9/11 is an inside job. There’s no proof bin laden is really dead presidents lie and obama has a good reason to, to get re-elected for 2012 and the sheep with follow him smdh!

    • Oh please

      Get over it, all some of you people do is sit around ranting about this President. Some of you are mad huh? Sit around lying all day and then have the nerve to accuse the government of lying and the sad part is some Americans dont even know how foolish you look because you are so addicted to your behavior. New flash, this country had a 27% approval rating around the world before Obama took office, one of the few reasons the rest of the world is even entertaining this country right now is because of him, we are not fdoing he and his family any favors. The nerve of people in this country who marched blindly behind the previous President off a cliff and the epic lie of the century “there are WMD in Ira” to turn around and constantly attack this new President over trivial sh*t. Give it a rest.

    • mrs.hunnit

      I co-sign that!! wake up people. they are brainwashing us!!! Obama is part of it all. He is a puppet.

  • QueenLove

    The American government (the Pentagon) puts out lies all the time. Basically, American went into an unguarded compound and destroyed everything in sight. That was the game plan; it was never to seize him and put him on trial. Do I agree with their tactics, I can’t say.

    • Oh please

      If Bin Laden was found in the US then I would see the argument of putting him on trial, but he wasn’t. Did Bin Laden give the victims of 9/11 the same respect you seek for him? They are lucky the Navy Seals spared his wife and young childrens lives because he and his followers certainly didn’t allow the same for the victims on 9/11.

  • Mrs Rance=BUSTED BITCH!!

    If the gov’t hasn’t realized yet but the american citizens don’t give a fvck!! I certainly don’t!! I’m tired of hearing about Osama!! He ain’t shyt!! Y’all ain’t shyt!!

  • Oh please

    Are people in this country that addicted to complaining? Who the h_ell is anyone in this country to constantly question a situation like this? This foolish nation gave up on even finding Bin Laden, basically sent out a message to the world that people can disrespct this country, attack us any given way and after a while we would just give up on seeking justice…be greatful he was found. It could have been as simple with the 24 hour news cycle in this country that the government was trying to give some sort of insite before having the full story. Not everything is a conspiracy, since Americans complain so much and are so demanding they were probably just trying to shut you all up. And this nations media can kick rocks…they have videas of how much this nations media messed up the coverage sending false messages to the public before the President even officially announced Osama was dead. Shut up and move on with your lives, ive never seen more complainers then some of the people in this country. If you could spin this story into a negative then you are a hater for real. I dont care how he died, just as long as he is gone from this earth and I am greatful they put in the work to find him.

  • Dat N*gga Dead

    F*ck all the bullsh*t! We got him! On to the next one!

  • J

    *shakes his hand* thank you sir.


    bECUASE THE government says its true you take it as gospel? OH yes, they’re certainly looking out for everyone’s best interest and the bottom line Certainly isn’t greed & power…no no never that..lies couldn’t possibly perpetuate from such an honest self righteous governess. Mannn FOH . there’s always DISCREPANCIES. Osamas ‘death’ means nothing. There’s always a “BOOGEYMAN” portrayed as our enemy, ALWAYS.



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