Get Your Life Together: Flavor Flav’s Former Chicken Shack Partner Calls Him Out In Front Of The Law

- By Bossip Staff

You thought it was over when they decided to shut down Flav’s Iowa chicken coop? His former partner in the original Flavor Flav’s House of Chicken isn’t ready to let it go yet.

Why? Because, according to TMZ, he feels as though Flav stole his idea and took it to Vegas to get more dough alone.

The man who filed the report is Tommy Karas — who claims he wrangled up investors for Flav’s Las Vegas fried chicken project back in April and was supposed to handle the money for the deal.

According to the report, Flav went behind Tommy’s back — telling the investors HE was the money man … and even getting them to send him a $30,000 investment … cutting Tommy out of the deal altogether.

Tommy filed a report with the Las Vegas Metro PD — but law enforcement sources tell us … “The allegations did not meet the elements of a crime” — and cops will not pursue the case because, “It’s a civil matter.”

We’re told Karas is meeting with attorneys to weigh his legal options. Calls to Flav’s people have not been returned.

Was Flav foul for not bringing his partner in wings in on the Vegas deal? Or is Tommy Karas just hating?

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  • Nana

    Muhfuggas can’t even put their Ego aside and EAT together….!smfh

  • I Aint Mad at Ya

    Flav said Tommy was serving month old ”tater salad” in the Iowa restaurant .
    He’s just trying to use Flavors name for ”his own” benefit !
    He called the cops ? Guess he found out 911 is a joke !

    • tommykimon

      So true his ex business partner seems like he’s really shady.

  • chris a. black

    why yu open flav business way in iowa if yu already in vegas?…good move flav..yu seen the 226 move…can’t wait to see yu in vegas…




    • If a Rapper Had a Brain / Dumb Azz Pop Stars

      I agree REAL REAL TALK


    Hideous to the extreme.

  • SpiceTing

    With a picture like that no wonder why is chicken sh** shack went down hill..

  • RobertSmith

    You know I really have to give credit to Flav. All this time I thought he was stupid. But for once it feels good to see a Black man not get the short end of the business deal. While they thought they were using the dumb ni**a he pulled a fast one on them. Stand up New York.

  • ignoranceisbliss

    Good move Flav if you made a boss move like that cutting out that chump.

  • Jay

    Where is that dark butt female who does not want to look like flava flav.

    Ignoranceisbliss@ The smart thing is that this man has started a business, the wrong move is that he didn’t let a reliable accountant/partner handle his finances. That chump may have saved him from bankruptcy.

  • artdude01

    Business 101: If it ain’t in writing, it ain’t business. Expensive lesson to learn, but move on.

  • Daniel

    If the man in that picture handed you a piece of chicken would you eat it?

  • bbeautifull

    hell to the naw! whether hez clean or not he just look filthy and discusting. i wouldnt eat anything by him.

  • Ridiculous 1

    Who in their right mind would even THINK about starting a company with Flav? Why????

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