Love & Marriage: The Benefits Of Having A “Go-To” Guy

- By Bossip Staff

It’s a late lonely night, you’re single, but you’re craving a bit of loving. Who ya’ gonna call? Your “Go-To- Guy”. Go-To Guys are men of many names: cutty buddies, friends-with-benefits, or get-some-in-a-glass case. Many Go-To-Guys are close friends harboring an unrequited romantic interest. While I won’t preach about morals, buyer beware: becoming sexually involved with a man who has feelings for you which you have no intentions of returning can be a dangerous game. Don’t lead any guy on if you can’t afford the resentment and bitterness that could follow. If you’re lucky, your Go-To-Guy will be a legitimate friend…that you lay every now and then. He’ll have a love life of his own that doesn’t necessarily rest on his hopes of using his man parts to pin down your heart.

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  • Sahshel

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  • New Title should be:

    Ho-To Guy

    • DollBaby1o1


      dang. a cutty buddy mean a mf is feeling kinda empty inside!

      not attractive-AT ALL.

      grow up my negga! and NO relapses! haaha

  • ~ChynaPeach~

    And we wonder why the std rates are growing? Its because people sleep with people that they have no intent on being with/marry. Ugh. Dont give Men or Women and excuse to be promiscuous.

    • (_Jasmine_)

      Regardless if everyone in the whole world were married it wouldn’t change anything.. Ever heard of the words infidelity, cheating, creeping? Marriage doesn’t make one less promiscuous… Only the person themselves…smh

  • blaze

    go 2 guy….. aka jody riley. when u think your woman is true. how does it feel when you find out while u go out the front door going to work, go 2 guy/jody is ease’n in the back door and grin’n in your face everday with that secret lovers thang going on. ooooweeee somebody gots to pay. the impressions sang that song sooner or later.

  • Huey Freeman

    why would you be encouraging women to behave in this manner. and people wonder why men treat women how they do. i wonder if it could be because idiots are telling women it’s good have a man get your goodies with no commitment, not to mention unwed mothers, high std’s need i go on. come on now

  • right

    ^when you become a man, let us know what you are to do.

    Selling your soul for “too good booty”. Pitiful. Lame.

  • (_Jasmine_)

    That sounds like a really cool relationship without all the mess of emotions involved…

  • DollBaby1o1

    You know what?

    I feel SO blessed to be in here with ya’ll.

    I’ve never been around so many celibate/righteous people all at one time like this before!!!

  • AllurenBeauty

    What the hell are yall talking about? Cheating, being hoes. It has nothing to do with that. I guess yall cant read because the first line says, “It’s a late lonely night, you’re single, but you’re craving a bit of loving.” We are all grown here and can make our own decisions. You all act as if yall never had a go to guy/girl yourself. #enjoyyourlife

  • Teal_Blade


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