Happy Teacher’s Appreciation Week: What Have These Celebrities Taught Us?

- By Bossip Staff

This week has been Teacher’s Appreciation week, so we hope you treated the special teachers in your life right. In light of the special week, we want to take some time to recognize some celebrities that taught us some invaluable lessons by example.

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  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983...Loyal Bossip Participant Since: 2008

    Thank you to all the real teachers, who spend extra time helping the kids after school, or investigate home situations to make sure kids are safe, or those who tutor. Just thank you to all who really try and take the time. Thank you!!

  • ReallynotInterested

    With the way things are going in America today, I’m not sure if teachers deserve appreciation. Take for example the city of Detroit. The Motor City only graduates 24.9% of its public school student body. According to a report 200,000 or 47% of Detroit residents are illiterate. Of that 200,000 a surprising 100,000 have high school diplomas. How can you earn a diploma if you can’t read? Teachers, parents, and governments need to be held accountable for failures in education. Black people are losing the race and we don’t care. I refuse to celebrate teachers who only care about a pay check.

    • NotthisSugarHoneyIcedTeaAgain

      Teachers aren’t in it for the paycheck, trust me, because the pay isn’t that great. Teachers are being held accountable, that was the whole purpose of no child left behind but they’re not responsible for your children’s education 24/7. They have your child for 8 hours or less and you have them for 16 or more so their real education starts at home. The problem there is that most of the education at home is coming from Nintendo and Sony not mom and dad.

      If some of these parents got up off of their behinds and played an active role in their children’s education, we’d have more Ph.D.’s walking these streets. Don’t blame the teacher for parents not instilling a desire to learn and prosper in their children. I hear more people talking about what the teacher is doing or not doing than what the parents are and aren’t doing, it’s ridiculous and one sided.

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