A “Lil Positivity”: Nas Wins Emmy For Liberian Civil War Documentary “Survival 1”

- By Bossip Staff

Kudos to Nasir… The rapper just won a National Sports Emmy for his ESPN documentary “Survival 1”:

The film follows two amputee victims of the Liberian civil war who form a soccer team and eventually be came champions. Nas produced, directed and scored the music for the film. “After all these years of making music, I am honored to have this be the first award I ever won of this magnitude,” he said of the win. “An Emmy before a Grammy. Crazy [bleep]!”

Check out some of the footage below:

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983...Loyal Bossip Participant Since: 2008

    Go ahead, Nasir!!! Glad you are keeping it positive amid the chaos you have experienced in the past year.

  • rip Nat Turner

    Thank You Nasir,
    from those of us who feel entertainment can also be informative.

  • BossipKiller

    YAAAAAYYY NAS!!!! That’s what I’m talkin about son! Nas found his place in hip hop. Stick to what you do son. Stay true. Stay down.

  • Tee Jelli

    BRAVO NAS!! effin BRAVO!

  • SmH


  • Diondon

    Chea, my ni&&a Nas

  • !!!!!


  • Honut Sinti


  • Harriet

    That’s whats up!

  • LYN

    respectable move for Nas, great job.

  • Ryda4life

    Congrats Nas, They can hate you now ,but you wont stop now!!!!!

  • Asia

    Nas is the truth…i like how he sheds a lot of light on Africa. Keep up the good work!

  • Asia

    Nas is the truth…i like how he sheds a lot of light on mother Africa. Keep up the good work!

  • T3P

    Don’t get ahead of yourself. Nas is better than most other rapper/entertainers but he is still one. I would rather black doctors, economists, lawyers and academics to be honest.

  • Al Black

    Congradulations Nas!

  • Leslie

    Kudos to Nas, he is an inspiration… Shame Hip Hop won’t honour such a great lyricist…

    • Islandgal82

      I agree

  • brianna bermudez

    Nas is MAD underrated. Doesn’t get the recognition he deserves. SMH. Gotta love him though, keep doing your thing Nas, keep staying real.

  • shynehead

    NAS > gay-z

  • Islandgal82

    Oh trust I’m not, yes I agree with the black doctors, economists, lawyers and academics as well,but his lyrics have meaning and purpose, unlike alot of these young rappers out, also he raps with substance and logic, and he can be more influential to the our young black men.I don’t know if you listen to his music or not…. his song PATIENCE with Damien Marley is the truth you should listen to it if you haven’t already…

  • T3P

    I like Nas as an artist. I’m young but i got into Illmatic and Stillmatic a few years ago. I know what you mean about his lyrics but i also know that a lot of what he says about our history is slightly off or simplified. Also didn’t like him walking around at some award ceremonies around white folks in a shirt with N-word on it to be controversial or whatever he was trying to do. So even though i know he is better than most rappers, he is not what we should aspire to. (PERIOD).

  • Liberia

    Thank You Nas,for doing this. Look at my beautiful country. Look at what greed for power have done to my beautiful country.

  • Tiff

    Way to go Nas! Love this man!

  • http://nastribute.blogspot.com/ Lala

    Congrats Nasir!!!! The greatest ever!

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