Is Chilli Getting Chopped Down By This NFL Man-Banger???

- By Bossip Staff

She’s been looking for perfection, does he fit the bill? Notoriously picky Chilli was spotted cozying up to Arizona Cardinals DB Kerry Rhodes at a Kentucky Derby event this weekend.

Wonder how he stacks up with her list of requirements? Well, it shouldn’t be too hard for her to find out. Kerry has been linked to a number of ladies in the spotlight, including:

Claudia Jordan, Eva Pigford, Jessica White, Jennifer Hudson, Melyssa Ford and Teyana Taylor!

Damn Kerry. That isht must be good.

Anyway Chilli, ask around and maybe these ladies will let you know if he’s got what you’re looking for. Then again, we all know Floyd had barely any of things you were looking for and he still had your nose wide open.

UPDATE: Kerry Rhodes’ camp reached out to BOSSIP to deny any relationship between the two. According to a rep for Rhodes:

They are not dating. He was attending the Barnstable event during this weekend’s Kentucky Derby festivites and they happened to take a picture together on the red carpet. There is no relationship between the two.

There you have it folks. Good luck with those cobwebs Chilli.

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  • slimegirl

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  • Nana

    Lmaooo @DAYWALKER u are a mess!


    If he’s listened to any of her nonsense talk about a “perfect”man,I would think they just took a picture together and thats it.Seriously,she’s delusional.

  • Michael

    Chilli is so annoying. That whole “list” thing she pulled her show just really changed my perception of her. You’re a 40 YEAR OLD WOMAN with a KID, and you’re making all these demands….SMH please.

  • WTF

    Kerry isn’t a bad catch. A good brother. Clean image. I hope she doesn’t scare him off.

  • Panamanian Miguel

    Why is it when shes with a black dude he has status,but a white or latin guy is just a regular joe…shes getting everything she deserves

    • G.M.

      like Chris Rock said: “Black people have to fly to get to the same place white people can walk to.”…this sh1t right here is no different lol XD

  • She wants a white boy!

    She is willing to date a regular white dude but a brother has to rich and have celebrity status.

  • chrissy

    i loved her, hope she find happiness, her list is ridiculous thou

  • Trina1

    I hopes it works out for her. She can’t be too choosey.

  • Daniel

    Well he’s black…. I know y’all like that…



  • Juliemango

    Hes cute. Chilli is a lil manish. She needs to be more fem.!!!

    • WithAllHonesty

      Okay so I’m not the only one who thinks Chilli looks like a little boy from India or Pakistan…

  • herudagod

    She ho hops around like easter bunny ho.

  • G.M.

    cash ur chips in early ladies or suffer the same fate as Chilli desperate delusional a$$

  • chili is fake

    Chilli clearly has been one that thinks she can continue to get by on her curly hair….but she’s. not cute without that hair…on the 1st season when she was trying on wigs proved it….I agree she expects the brothers to have status & lost if money & she lower her standards for a white boy when she’s just a washed up has been….she & hallee berry have personality disorders & no matter how cute u think u r no one wants to deal with that. this broad is dam.n near begging a man to get her pregnant! Smfh


    I don’t understand why as BLACK women,we have to settle for less! I agree, somethings on her list are STUPID. But if she went out with a thuggish broke dude who drank and smoked all day then people would have something to say about that.
    We can never catch a break

  • Brown Barbie

    @Clarissa That’s Real Talk!!

  • Mak

    Kerry Rhodes comes across as a little homo…

  • tessa

    If this is true then good for Chilli because they are a beautiful couple!

  • ceewalk

    UGH!!! She is sooo old. That Cougar swag is not cute….I mean really!!!

  • Dadon

    Daywalker is a mega-hata

  • Dadon

    He probably mad cause his old lady walkin round nappy as a mutherf++++er

  • Dadon

    Wow in on em all huh , bytch you sad

  • Dadon

    U wish your babymama looked like her when she got finished spittin out your demon, spawn. Btw your grandmon


      *(Ya Betta “RANG THAT SHYT UP”, BYTCH!!!) 😆 😈

  • Dadon

    Get some kat get a life get a clue get a test cuz magic is, fockin your wife

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