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A report by Livesteez tells how this 17 year old kid is going down hard:

Donyea Phillips, a 17-year-old runaway was sentenced to 25-50 years in prsion for shooting and wounding two Philadelphia drug officers. Phillips, who was homeless at the time, was squatting with a cousin in the East Frankford rooming house when the officers served a search warrant at the house a year ago. Phillips, a suspected crack dealer who pleaded guilty in July to two counts of attempted murder and related charges, apologized to Officers Christopher Reed and Stephen Holts. Phillips insisted to Common Pleas Court Judge Glenn B. Bronson that he did not know police were trying to come through the door when he blindly fired through a window Nov. 13.”I was afraid for my life,” Phillips told Bronson, adding, “All I’m just asking is not to lock me up and throw away the key, because I’m changed.” The prison term drew gasps from some of the dozen relatives in court to support Phillips because it’s above the 5- to 10-year minimum recommended under state sentencing guidelines. However, it was also less than the 32-1/2 to 65 years requested by the prosecuting attorney. “I think this sentence was clearly excessive,” said defense attorney James A. Lammendola. He said he would file a motion asking the judge to reconsider the sentence. Explaining his sentence, the judge credited Phillips with accepting responsibility by pleading guilty and acknowledged his grim upbringing: “You had a horribly deprived childhood, there’s no doubt about that,” Bronson said.

If this doesn’t read a failed support system for a child, then we don’t know what does. This will become more and more prevalent if there isn’t better representation for the Black youth. SMH

Read the full Livesteez story here.



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