When The Checks Start Slowing Down: Since When Does Beyonce Do Festivals??

- By Bossip Staff

We don’t think we’ve heard of Beyonce being booked to appear on three festival stages her whole career. All of a sudden, she’s scheduled for three in one year.

Already scheduled to headline the Glastonbury Festival in England on July 26, Beyonce has also been added to perform at back to back events in Ireland and Scotland at the beginning of July. She will hit the “T On The Park” Main Stage in Scotland on July 9. The next day, Bey will bring her legs and lacefront to Ireland’s Oxegen Festival.

Now, if this were someone else, we might not bat an eyelash at the news. But we find it interesting that she seems to be trying to cultivate a better rapport with her U.K. audiences.

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  • lala

    What’s the problem, a lot of big name artists do festivals. Maybe I’m missing something. *shrugs*

    • http://diaryofarionataylor.com Ariona Taylor

      You’re right. Big name celebs do festivals and make a lot of money. Now for the simple fact that I am a much bigger celeb than Beyonce, it bothers me that I was not asked to perform.

      Check out diaryofarionataylor.com

    • http://twitter.com/mrmaiko Maiko

      *correction, Beyonce is the first WOMAN to headline Glastonbury.

    • leenangua

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  • SantanaCaress

    Glastonbury is a huge festival…it’s comparable to Coachella. It makes sense she is set to perform there.

  • team nymphis

    Prolly a mil for three shows.

    The checks ain’t hardly slowin down

  • Luel14

    Y’all are dumb as fu€k. I wouldn’t go into details about how huge these festivals are. THis is not BET type festivals. Smdh not for Dlists artists.

  • Heather

    What are y’all talking about?!! She did Essence music festival a couple of years back? Why wouldn’t she do a festival? It’s music! Y’all just won’t let this girl win will, ya?!

  • Luel14

    WTH are y’all talking about. Do u know how huge these festivals are? Certainly not for Dlisters

  • Carl

    Ummm… Glastonbury is a HUGE festival here in the UK and major bands like Coldplay, U2 etc play there. Jay-z was like the first black rapper and Beyonce will be the FIRST female black or white, so WHO MAD?!

  • Mya

    This is HUGE! Beyonce is the First Female Headliner in History for the Glastonbury music festival! She’s performing at 3 HUGE festivals that’s BIG! DUMB DUMBS

  • soso

    lmao we aren’t even 20 comments deep and the bos.sip staff is already being owned by the posters for how basic they are

  • pete

    they dumb as hell beyonce always does stuff like dis n she gt plenty of money

  • Sasha Flop

    LOL, and the FLOPPING begins! LMAO….

  • keebler mf elf

    Please, this chick will always have stacks of money!

  • Daisy Jay

    Didn’t know WHERE a person performs was a big deal these days. Bottom line is that she IS performing for people and she’s getting paid for it.

    As far as “checks”, it doesn’t matter if they slow down. She’s practically set for life. Stop trying to make Beyonce look bad.

  • kidrebelny

    In other unrelated news I just noticed her shirt says “Punk A** Mother Effer”

  • dr. strong

    what’s with all of the negative beyonce stories. y’all keep tryna start sh#t with her and lady gaga, and rihanna, and kelly rowland. NO rational thinking person would ever believe that bey is going “broke.” have you forgotten who her husband is?? SMH! she’s done the essnece music festival in new orleans numerous times.



  • Devin

    People in Europe are actually bigger fans of Kelly Rowland’s than Beyonce. They actually have some taste…

    • Mya

      Let break this down to you. No where in the WORLD is Kelly bigger than Beyonce okay made over 30 million in Europe alone off her last tour Kelly wouldn’t even make 2 million

    • Ginger

      Do your research darlin…FAIL.
      Where Beyonce has performed some artist cannot even go there yet!! Hence one reason she is the first female and only person after MJ in 2007 to win the iconic international artist award of excellence. Do you need other reminders?

  • Triston for Dummies

    @Devin, in the words of Big Boi, BOY STOP! Naw but for real homeboy, Kelly isn’t more popular than than Beyonce in Europe. You’re drawing the wrong comparison. Kelly is more popular in Europe than she is in America.

    • http://twitter.com/mrmaiko Maiko

      HAHA DEAD ON Triston.

  • collegegirl12

    OMG. I dont know why everyone wants to see this woman fail while she continues to work hard and succeed. Then all the black blog sites keep bringing up the fact that Kelly Rowland’s single is higher than Beyonce’s on the chart, Beyonce is looking at that like, I’ll gone let you have that Kelly. We know that even though I have love for Kelly, thats probaly the only single off her new album that is going to be on the charts. Then yall saying Beyonce is going over to Europe because she is trying to get Kelly’s fans. lmao. Beyonce is known world wide, Kelly’s fans are already Beyonce’s fans.

    • lala

      She has a long way to go before she’s known worldwide, she’s not Micheal/Janet Jackson. Sorry to bust your bubble.

    • collegegirl12

      I never said she was Michael Jackson or Janet, nor am I comparing her to them, but check your facts, Beyonce Knowles is known “worldwide”…. anytime an artist headlines their own “World tour” they are internationally and worldwide known, and you didn’t bust my bubble, but you did put a big dent in yours. Check your facts next time.

  • frankiestage

    Beyonce ain’t hardly hurtin’ for no money. She’s beginning to promote her upcoming release. However if the rest of the album is as bad as the first release, she’s gonna have problems getting the sales numbers she’s used to.

  • Seriously

    These are overseas festivals not american festivals…big difference!

  • JuzPeachy

    My first time @ the Essence festival it was Destiny’s child finale tour and that was their first stop and there were other big names like kanye, a. Keys, fantasia. Janet does a festival she’s captain save-a-h0e…Bey does 3 in the u.k. she’s broke…smh

  • MoonShining

    Big check plus little overhead sounds like good business.

  • lala

    Guess she’s trying to steal Kelly’s shine over there, like she steals everything else. Oops did I say that out loud 😀

    • Mya

      Kelly isn’t bigger than Beyonce anywhere Ooops

    • anna

      Is it her fault she stealing people’s shine. She is doing her job. If kelly was strong enough she would not have to worry about her shine. It clearly shows how powerful beyonce is. And may I ask how is kelly bigger than B in the Uk. How many arenas Kelly ever had on the lock? lol

  • Really Now?

    And shes probably commanding 6 figures for each story so your headline reads very wrong.

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