Baby Mama Drama: Lamar Kardashian-Odom’s Ex Is Ready For Her Fifteen Minutes Of Fame As An ‘Author’

- By Bossip Staff

The mother of Kris Jenner’s step-grandbabies is trying to prove that she isn’t just laying around cashing in on Lamar Odom’s ‘hard-work’.

So she’s decided to write a book about what it’s like to be in a relationship with a professional athlete.

“It shows the lifestyle from the inside,” says Morales, who turns 32 Monday. “Since our society is obsessed with celebrity, the book gives a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the real reality.”

We wonder if she’s referring to her ex’s E! show, “Khloé & Lamar”?

Morales is keeping the book’s title under wraps, but she says the athlete in her novel is a professional football player, not an NBA star.

That said, a friend who read the manuscript tells us insiders will recognize Odom in the character.

“You’ll see a lot of tidbits that make you go, ‘Hmm,'”says the source. But Morales says she wrote the book with a higher purpose in mind than payback. “My intent is not to bash my ex or any pro athlete,”she says. “I want to show women that you can rise up from a certain situation.”

It’s so NOT about revenge that Liza didn’t take a second to throw Lamar under the bus at all during her first interview about this new business venture.

Morales says she “stayed too long” with Odom because she came from a “broken home” and wanted to “break the cycle” for her kids. The death of their 7-month-old son Jayden from sudden infant death syndrome in 2006 was “a real wake-up call,” she adds, because Odom essentially left her alone to deal with her grief and their surviving children, Destiny, 12, and Lamar Jr., 9.

Odom does provide financial support for his kids, but the college-educated Morales says she doesn’t want to just sit around collecting his checks. She started the RS Baby fashion line in memory of Jayden — an offshoot of Odom’s Rich Soil label — but shelved the company last year after, she says, Odom told her to change its name and “started pulling away from backing it.”

And then she lowkey threatens him…

Morales could have tried reality TV when the producers of VH1’s “Basketball Wives” asked her to be on an L.A. spinoff of the popular show, but she says “it just wasn’t for me.”

In other words, they weren’t offering a big enough check yet. But once they do, Lamar better watch his back. Clearly this broad feels she has a story to tell.


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    tell it! u have 2 kids with him and he’s booed up with a media-broad!!!! let her be one too! get that paper…khloe is…hmmmmm…

  • It's Me

    I don’t blame the X tell it all, Mr. Retard walked out on ya when the kid died, he’s not a man! Put all his laundry out there, make Mrs. Fat azz khloe cry more tears!

    • jasmine

      That is really spiteful and damn of Liza to do a tell-all book about her life with Lamar. Liza please note that Lamar is your kids’ father and grandfather in waiting for your potential grandchildren as well! Please take a page out of Ivana Trump on how she handled her divorce from Donald. Yes I know Lamar never married you, but you still desperately need wisdom like that, woman—Ivana’s children are now all grown up without negative drama and managing their father’s wealth. That is what I call #winning. Liza.

    • LB

      @Jasmine well said!

  • Say it Loud Say it Proud...

    HA…figures this is nothing new NEXT!

  • Diondon

    Damn, this dude Lamar must be blind or sumn

  • kboo

    Is just me or does his baby momma look like Khloe?


      Yes it is just you. Khloe is pretty and white while this trashy baby mama is a fat SP!C golddigger.


      lmao.. yes she does. I had to look hard at the pic like I know Khloe didn’t gain weight

    • CONAIE

      she does lol

  • ItsWhatever

    All 3 are irrelevant!

    • CONAIE

      lol id want to agree with you but it does spells drama tho. it seems staged in some instance and if its not these people are some sick minds. very selfish

  • really?

    Lamar might as well chalk up this situaiton as a run though cuz when Khloe takes all she can from him, this will seem like a joke.

  • G.M.

    so, its cool if this broad and women make tell all books for money but when a guy like Jesse James does it to get his feelings off his chest about a situation he was in and didn’t like, he’s an a$$hole smh…just another example of the bias bullsh1t and women being hypocritical and constantly taking advantage of victimhood but want to be considered strong individuals…whatever, just another pathetic chick who still cant make money without exploiting the man she used to be with who is most likely the basis of the main character of the book smh…typical american woman

    • lala

      So basically what you’re saying is that you’re bald, old, fat and ugly, and the only way you’ll get a woman to look at or even be with you is if you were rich? I see, yeah I’d be depressed and bitter to if I were you.

  • superdevil

    I see his type…..I guess he likes em ‘Chewbacca-like’.

    • bianca

      Just another overweight, ugly SP!C Beyotch too lazy to work so she pumps out babies by rich baller who didn’t want her in the first place. See how he ran into the arms of a rich white girl at his first opportunity.

  • Matix B

    This is what happens when women relate their identity through a man’s status. This trifling behavior is for the fuq’ing birds, and I mean chicken heads. Look at it this way; if her hurt you so much and was such an awful husband and father, why re-live it just to make a profit? A normal person would seek remedy via the court system to make sure the kids are well taken care of and move on to someone who loves and appreciates you and your children. These tell-all books/shows are disrespectful to the children involved and the sanctity of the institution of marriage.

    • G.M.

      yup…just some more bullsh1t that awaits us men at the end of a relationship/marriage besides excessive child support, no visitation rights and alimony payments, our personal business being shared with the world and someone else profitting off it…i dont get why more women dont get why us men dont want relationships/marriage when nothin good is hardly ever waiting at the end of it smh

    • Matix B

      Men definitely are on the short receiving end following a divorce. Most people think it’s ok that the women gets most of the rights but I think it’s a shared duty so, both parents should have equal access to children after a separation. Us woman take the “sisterhood” shyt too far and condone a women’s bullshyt out of a perceived loyalty to their fellow female counter parts. I say fuq that…if you are Wrong you can’t be Strong.

  • Me

    Oh well. The Kardashians he married are all about the spotlight, why can’t she be? The Kardashians are good at using proximity to other people’s fame to increase their own. Why can’t she use proximity to their fame to increase hers?

  • 50Caesar

    They b kardashin’ ’em.

  • ohsotrue

    Seems to be the only thing these ladies of prior relationships with an athletic has the ability to do, which is sad.

  • cotton124

    They we’re broke up before. He move on. Like khol and Lamar. Kids don’t ask to come here.

  • jasmine

    What type of reasoning is that?!?! Why are you standing up for that arrogant lazy moocher Jamie? I wonder if you are one of the other 20 people whose rent got cut off by the Odoms. I love you Lamar, but paying for 20 rental and 30 telephone bills was beyond reckless. Statistics say that at least 70% of NBA athletes file for bankruptcy after only 5 years; now I see why!!!

  • jasmine

    P/S: I left out a key word in my above post, it should read: At least 70% of NBA athletes file for bankruptcy after only 5 years AFTER RETIREMENT!!!

  • little lion

    Who wants to read a book by an idiot who had a bunch of kids with another idiot that showed no signs of wanting to wife her? She should write a book about how she should have took her azz to planned parenthood and college!

  • Muffy

    LMAO. I’m still laughing at muddy potato head. But seriously, did he really hyphenate his last name when they got married?

  • theworldoftiffany

    Exactly, he will get a gag order like the rest of them and the only info we will know will come from gossip sites because she has to shut her trap. Sad…

  • LB

    Why is she just now talking about this after all these years 10+. She needs to stop being bitter because he didn’t marry her. She had to know eventually he was going to marrying someone.

  • Nia

    Tell yo story girl shoot!

  • Suckazz

    Put his azz on blast, cause if the shoe was on the other foot, he would do it. I have no more love for Lamar.

    • jasmine

      I see, YOU USED to have love for Lamar but you suddenly hate him?!?! Mmmmmh you sound like one of the many former moochers whose rent and cell phone bill Lamar has ceased to pay now. Are you the LOYALTY PREACHER ON TWEETER I wonder? And this is why Liza must not listen to corrupt advise. Remember you depend on his checks woman, and the kids are for eternity?

  • Tweet

    Write that book girl!

    • jasmine

      Yeah, write the book please and give haters insults to hull at your own children as well; Lamar Junior and Destiny. I can see somebody getting to them like; “STFU Destiny/LJ because your father is fu88k this and sh88t that according to your moma’s book!!!” Is that what you really want Liza? I remember at one time my husband’s employer trying to use me against hubby as our relationship was strained at the time. And I was like ‘HELL TO THE NO!!!’. Maybe if I had no kids with him I would have behaved differently; BUT NOT WITH KIDS!!!

  • ManSheFly

    I understand where the “baby momma” is coming from…Maybe this is an outlet to let everyone know it’s not all peaches and cream on the other end.. However, if she is doing it out of spite, she needs to take a seat..BTW, I’m sure she didn’t think of writing it all on her own, someone prolly came to her about writing a tell-all and she saw was $$$ and a way to vent!

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