Boo BEETCH Bye… Nene Leakes Chunks “Celebrity Apprentice” The Deuces!

- By Bossip Staff

This comes as no surprise to us…

Star Jones and Nene Leakes old head beef finally came to an end last night.

ISHT hit the fan on “Celebrity Apprentice” last night after Trump reordered the teams on the show, after Star told Trump she couldn’t work with her arch-enemy NeNe anymore.

NeNe stormed off to her hotel and told Trump, “You can’t just accommodate her, that’s not fair.”

NeNe then explained, “Mr. Trump bought into her BS and I dont have to stay here and put up with BS to raise money for my charity. The best thing for me to do is just walk away.”

Trump later called out NeNe Leakes for quitting, saying “You’re fired, and you’re a quitter, and Star Jones kicked your a$$ whether you like it or not.”

We’d be lying if we said we didn’t want to watch Nene self destruct just a few weeks longer! Quitters never prosper… SMH!

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  • Bye NeNe

    From one black women to another SHUT UP NENE …your loud and wrong half the time. Call your self what you want but it seems like the lack of a daddy in your life f you ova. Nothing worst then a broke person trying to live rich. She so Boghetto!! Chick get your sun right; ur so worried about your life ur son is confused and wants to be a thug. Im sure no man would wanna deal with you pluse you dont like giving your own then husband punnany play… your wack

    • carlos harris

      Its not that what you are saying is incorrect, but are you saying it to help her or hurt her? From this, I can get how I need to pray for her, if I choose to, because I want to help her, not hurt her. A lot of people like me like her. We have no choice and that is okay. No father to raise us, and the father we were told that was our father, really was not our father. She could have stayed, but chose not to, and for the reason presented, it seems that she left with dignity, why? She has enough money and choices, and she can do that; it was all about the integrity centered on the principle of the fact that Trump was not fair, in her opinion.

  • QueenLove

    Nene…Whhhy mami?
    She started fighting that other Black woman on the show and forgot her purpose for being there. She was clawing and putting all her energy into that ex-obese saggy skin other black woman too much.
    And oh yeah, Trump pimped both; that’s a no brainer.

  • Nana

    Here I thought Lil John was the one going 2 act a fool…….smh

  • clarissa

    All the loud mouth know it all talking to much and going let deaf and dump Bish play them!

  • RMEs

    I thought NeNe was so over the top with hers. She reminded me of a jilted lover (of course not that I think they were lovers I’m just saying she was so emotional over the situation). Was she THAT upset that Trump “accomodated” Star? What difference should it have made as long as she didn’t have to deal with Star? Seems to me that is the actions of a stalker/scorned lover where the x was just so good you don’t wanna let it go for nothin! LOl!


    good. ‘bye b*tch! 🙂

  • Hee Hee

    Now let’s wait and see what Miss. Leakes have to say about Mr. Trump……crickets!

  • Rhonda

    Now that Star’s gone……I’m gone……and, Nene….get some professional help….you need it!

  • carlos harris

    i kinda agree with you! Nene didnt think Trump was being fair to her so she left on her own terms exactly! I would have did the same thing…

  • Wishyouthebest!

    Nene has been out of her element from the beginning and can’t handle real pressure. She either folds or becomes a bully. Her physical size has helped her get by in tough situations in the past, but she’s really bark…little bite.

  • Jackie

    Trump used Starr and NeNe for Ratings; however, NeNe was wrong for quitting. So what if she had to change teams, she was supposed to be on Apprentice for CHARITY, not to fight with Starr. Futhermore I don’t think NeNe’s charity won ANY money. She needs to take her loud mouth to Charm School and stop trying to be an advocate against abuse when she verbally abuses everyone. You can’t expect people to be civil with you after you berate them in front of millions. I feel sorry for her charity, they didn’t get anything.

  • FaReelDoe

    Yep, Lil Jon’s goin next. I can see it. Trump likes the country singer, Meat and Marley. I think Marley should have gotten fired because she was the Project Manager and all final decisions were up to her, but she let Meat overshadow her and she faded in the background and stayed mute (pun intended). Usually the Project Manager gets fired, but he kept Marley and got rid of Star. – who didn’t make ANY of the poor decisions on the project. Yep, Lil Jon’s next….

  • Jama

    Ne Ne is a good example of the statement “An empty can makes a lot of noise”.

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